Still Standing

We’ve had several enquiries about whether or not we’re still open and able to ship orders, given the current COVID-19 situation – the answer to that is an emphatic yes. All the while we have supplies of metal and resin (we’re currently good for a couple of months) we can continue to produce models, and as long as the post offices and postal service are running then we can ship them.

The workshop is isolated and only really accessed by one person (Tony) on a day to day basis, so there is no reason to shut that down for the moment. Obviously the one thing that will bring us to a halt is if he develops any symptoms and needs to stop working – but we’ll update the website in that event.

As things stand, Salute is still going ahead at ExCel in just under five weeks, and we’re continuing to stock up and get lots of new models ready for release at the show. That may change depending on new government advice or instructions – we suggest you keep an eye on the Warlords’ website for updates (and of course we’ll post any relevant news here).

For the moment, it’s business as usual.

One further bright spot – we’ve just received a box of Imperial Skies rulebooks, so that’s available from the website again.