Fort Week – Scilly Season

Dammit … this post was scheduled for Thursday but didn’t appear due to a technical glitch (I’m not sure why, and probably never will be). So ignore the bit about penultimate, as it’s appearing out of sequence !

Our penultimate offering in this week of historical fortifications is Star Castle, built in 1593 on the island of St Mary’s for the defence of the Scilly Isles. It was built in response to the armada and fears of another Spanish invasion. The Isles are an archipelago of 145 islands and islets off the coast of Cornwall, with only the largest five being inhabited. They are the southernmost parts of the UK. The castle is in the shape of an eight-pointed star with a central garrison building. Later it was garrisoned by troops from the Corps of Invalids.

The castle is now a four-star hotel, should you feel the urge to visit.

SSS-8172 – Star Castle – £2.00