15mm Dune Buggies for Salute

Tearing across the sands of Meridienne and into Salute 2021 come the armed dune buggies of the Sincanmo Militia. We have no fewer than eleven different configurations based on 4×4, 6×6 and half-track drives, some with multiple weapon loadouts for even more variation. We’re still finalising all of the options that we’ll offer on the day (I’ve still to paint the command and 4×4 scout versions), there are still a couple of moulds to be made but we should have plenty on the day. The vehicles are an ideal complement to our recently released Desert Raider figures.

Half-track with single AA gun and 6×6 with quad AA.
Half-track with single AA gun and 6×6 missile carrier
Utility and troop-carriers in 6×6 and half-track configurations.
4×4 Radar and Utility versions