Celtos – Favoured Children of the Goddess

Welcome to the last of our introductions to the races in Celtos.


Gaels are athletic and skilled fighters who rely on skirmish tactics to draw out an enemy’s forces so that they can be hit by heavier warbands such as Gael bondsmen and cavalry.


The Gael player will quickly realise that they command a strong and varied force, but unlike other races the Gaels love life and don’t throw their lives away for no gain. Strong leaders able to steady the nerves of their warriors are essential.


Of all the races of Celtos the fighting style of the Gaels will be the most familiar to players. This familiarity makes the Gaels a good army for a beginning player, but as with all the different races to get the best out of them will take practice.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on Celtos, and don’t forget to swing by the Brigade Models stand at this years SALUTE show to see the superb Celtos range up close.

Celtos – Immortal Rulers of the Elements


The Sidhe are superior fighters, their serpent reflexes and superior bows making them good hand-to-hand fighters and archers. They also have superb cavalry mounts in the form of drakes, which are faster and more ferocious than most other races. sidhe2

Perhaps the most dangerous elements of the Sidhe are the sorcerers, ancient beings so steeped in elemental magic that the oldest have assumed terrifying serpent forms, combining potent magic with raw, primal ferocity.sidhe3

The Sidhe in Celtos are actually four different factions. Each representing an elemental power. Players choosing the Sidhe will have to decide which of those elements suits their playing style. Thunder and Lightning, Ice, Earth and Stone or Eternal Fire will each have different elite warrior types to compliment the Sidhe rank and file.

Celtos – Raiders of the Frozen Wasteland


The Vanir that have travelled over the rainbow bridge to Goria are raiders and bandits. They move from place to place in massive wooden hulled ships with great, carved dragonheads mounted on the prows. Each of these vessels is capable of carrying hundreds of Vanir and they ply coastlines looking for settlements to ravage, slaughtering or enslaving the occupants and stealing their stores of food and livestock.


In battle the Vanir are taciturn and immoveable opponents. The dwarfs and Jötunn advance slowly and with grim determination, bearing down on their enemies relentlessly, and relying on their sturdy physiques and quality Vanir mail to turn aside the arrows and darts of their enemies.

Dwarf crossbowmen will support this advance by finding a vantage point from which to fire their clumsy but powerful weapons, and shrieking valkyries & skjöll riders harass the enemy advance picking off troops to weaken their will.

vanir3The Vanir player needs to master the best way of managing these different troop types to be able to best their opponents. Throw in a dash of magic and the Vanir can be a colourful and challenging army choice.


Celtos – The Accursed Hosts of Anwyn

Welcome to the second in our series introducing the various races in Celtos.


When the Fir BoIg march to war they are a terrible and awesome sight. The Accursed Fir Bolg ranks have no fear of destruction. They are relentless in battle, and even though the average living warrior is physically more than a match for the reanimated cadavers, living warriors know fear. Perhaps even more terrifyingly, the Fir Bolg possess dark powers that can raise the dead mouldering in the soil below the very battlefield their enemies stand on. Even when the victory looks assured for the living, more Fir Bolg souls are just a sacrifice away from bursting through the gates of hell.


Players taking command of the undead warriors of the Fir Bolg will find that the stereotypical view of mindless, weak and slow warriors does not apply to the ranks of the Accursed. Although the spirit inhabited skeletons suffer some physical weaknesses they retain the memories and skills once possessed when alive, without the lingering fear of death.


In order for the ranks of undead to travel from Anwyn to the land of the living the must relay on the twisted Flesh Eaters and their dark priests. These creatures also provide the Fir Bolg player with ferocious living warriors and command of deadly magic. A unique and terrifying combination.

Celtos – Spawn of Chaos & Old Night

Welcome to the first of our introductions to the different races found in Celtos.


In battle the Fomorians tend to attack in a great horde, relying on their numbers to overwhelm the enemy. Accompanying them on the charge are the beastmen. Within this great press of demon flesh though, there is room for some strategy. The low cunning of the Fomorian commanders often leads them to use blood reivers as flankers and to protect the more valuable warriors’ advance with the weak and disposable fifelcynn. The shamans of the Fomorians can also call upon the mists, oppressive rain and dank vapours of Lochlann to aid them, making battlefield conditions hazardous for other races and protecting friendly troops from the archers of the enemy.


Players who prefer the less subtle approach to warfare will find the Fomorian reliance on brute force more to their style of play. That’s not to say the only tactic is to rush forward and crush your enemy.  The Fomorians have both cunning beauty in the form of the Sirens and power over hidden dark waters  as commanded by their powerful shamen.


So dare you release the hordes of screaming Fomorian warriors, whipped into a frenzy by their powerful leaders and enchanted by the eerie lure of the sirens …

Celtos – Creeping from the Darkness

Those of you visiting our forum will have heard a few teasers regarding the new game. It’s been a while but we can announce a new version of Celtos is out of the shadows.

celtosnews1 Celtos has become a mass combat game where heroes and their warriors clash in a chaotic mix of sharp steel, magic and fate.


The core rules have been laid down and playtesting is underway. The game will retain the rich and colourful world and background of the original Celtos but the game has evolved into a genuine mass combat system.

More updates will follow as we progress through the current round of playtesting.