Midi Domes

We already have some of our resin Desert Buildings available in 6mm, 10mm and 15mm scales; today we’re releasing the first of our Desert Domes range in the in-between scale.

We have four buildings in this initial offering, enough to make a small settlement. And we already have several more masters lined up for release in the near future.


B10-404 – Small Multi-dome Dwelling – £3.50
B10-405 – Small Oval Dwelling – £3.00
B10-411a – Small Dwelling A – £2.50
B10-411b – Small Dwelling B – £2.50


Slightly delayed by one or two minor issues (including my sudden realisation that if I got a move on I could finish an extra model), today we’re releasing three new items in our 10mm SF Buildings range. In this release we have two towers of different designs and a building with twin roof domes. All are single piece resin castings and are available now from the website.


B10-104 – Small Tower #1 – £3.50
B10-122 – Small Tower #2 – £4.00
B10-123 – Twin Dome Building – £3.50

And while we’re here, this is a good time to remind everyone about our next show, Blast-tastic! in Bristol next Saturday. Since this is an SF-themed show, we will not be carrying either the Celtos or Magpie fantasy ranges or the 28mm Great War Belgians. If you’d like anything from these ranges you’ll have to order in advance (either e-mail us or order from the website using the ‘Collect in person’ shipping option). And of course we’re happy to take advance orders for any other ranges as well.

More 10mm Buildings

This week’s release isn’t what we expected it to be. Up until Wednesday it was something else altogether, but then I started painting some samples of the planned new releases and was rather struck that they were, how can we put it .. ? Not Very Good. The designs are fine, but the final prints and castings were, not to put too fine a point on it, Not Good Enough.

Sooo … fortunately we always have something in reserve for occasions like this. The first wave of 10mm buildings was only part of the first batch of masters, there were more buildings that weren’t included in that release. Some of these have already been moulded, cast and even painted, so I’ve swiftly photographed them, stock them on the website and – voila! – the day has been saved !


So we’ll pretend that this has been the plan all along, and proudly announce the release of three new buildings in our 10mm SF range. The Munitions Bunker in particular has been one that has been requested from the existing 6mm and 15mm ranges, and we always aim to please 🙂

B10-103 – Large House/Shop – £3.00
B10-126 – Munitions Bunker – £2.25
B10-127 – Primitive Dwelling- £2.25

A New Sense of Scale

Towards the end of last year, someone e-mailed asking us which of our building ranges, 6mm or 15mm, would be most suitable for 10mm figures. My answer was that, to be honest, neither were ideal, being too small and too large respectively. Then someone else asked pretty much the same question, and another, and another, all within a few days of each other. We suspect it might have been linked the release of a range of 10mm models by another company, who knows …


Anyway, we figured that there might be enough interest out there in making some 10mm versions of a few of our buildings. One of the beauties of 3D digital sculpting is the ease with which models can be resized. It’s not as simple as you might think- there’s more to it than just making models bigger or smaller – but it’s a darn sight simpler than it would be with hand-sculpted masters. To cut a meandering long story short, over the past couple of months I’ve taken a dozen of our Desert SF buildings, resized them to 10mm and moulded them. And today is the day that the first batch hit the website for release.

Initially we have six codes, it would have been more but the stresses of getting all of the sale orders out hit my mould production schedule quite hard. More will follow in the near future.

B10-101 – Small Dwelling – £1.75
B10-102 – Garage/Workshop – £1.50
B10-108 – Small Dwelling #2 – £2.00
B10-112 – Outbuildings – £4.00
B10-116 – Workshop – £2.00
B10-119 – Medium House – £2.25