T2 Hangar

We recently released the RAF Fighter Base in our 2mm scenery range. Now you can upgrade the base with the addition of one or more T2 Hangars to supplement the smaller blister hangars in the set. With a width of almost 120′ this can accommodate much larger aircraft and expand your base to handle bombers.



This resin model is another one due for release at Salute priced at £2.00

A Fine Haul

I spent part of yesterday doing some resin casting, taking advantage of the relatively fine weather to work outside (in the UK, ‘fine weather’ = ‘not raining today’). Below is the result of my labours (most of it, anyway) – a pile that now needs sorting into storage boxes for Salute.


And yes, in amongst them there are a number of new release items that you may not have seen before – more details of these in days to come …

Chocks Away !

There are an awful lot of cliches one can use when publishing anything related to the RAF !


So, as promised, today we’ve released the RAF airfield set in our 2mm buildings range. The set consists of twenty pieces altogether:

  • Six blister hangars
  • Seven Nissen huts (six single, one twin)
  • One control tower
  • One firing butt
  • Two pillboxes
  • Three squadron admin buildings

Based on buildings at various RAF Fighter Command bases, the set is ideal for anyone playing Battle of Britain games or even cold war missions. We’re pretty sure that it’ll find its way into various Aeronef or Land Ironclads VSF games as well as something called Dystopian Wars (we’re not absolutely sure what this is, we’ve heard that it’s some inferior, niche market version of Nef/LI 😉 ).

SSS-8031 – RAF Fighter Base – £7.50



Coming soon we have a T2 hangar which you can use to expand your airfield and cater for larger aircraft.

T2 Hangar-2

Tally Ho !

We’ve been concentrating a lot on our 15mm range recently, but we haven’t forgotten the other ranges. Next week we’ll be releasing a much anticipated set in our 2mm buildings range, and a move away from VSF-themed buildings. This is the WW2 RAF airfield set, complete with six blister hangars, Nissen huts, a control tower, firing butt and various admin buildings.



Release date is set for next Friday (March 14th) – Pico Armor should also have their first stocks by then for North American customers.

Mini Power

So, you know we mentioned how popular the 6mm power pylons are? Well, what about these even more miniature versions? They’re the latest addition to the 2mm scenery range on our Shapeways store. Ideal for 2mm/3mm scale ground battles or as targets/scenery for larger scale aircraft games – we use them with 1/600th scale aircraft.



Very reasonably priced at US $8.60 for 12 pylons from our Shapeways Store. Not on our website yet, but only a matter of time.

Tesla Towers

Nikola Tesla is probably one of the most under-appreciated scientists of all time. One of his creations was the experimental Wardenclyffe Tower built near New York, intended as a proof of concept demonstration of wireless telegraphy, broadcasting and even wireless power transmission – clearly years ahead of its time.

We thought that such a device fitted perfectly into the Victorian Science-Fiction background of Aeronef and Land Ironclads, either as a communications tower or some sort of radar-like device. The original tower has long gone (although the base building remains) but fortunately there is still plenty of photographic reference. We’ve reproduced the tower (or a decent facsimile of it) as part of the 2mm scenery range in our Shapeways shop, and you can also buy it from our website.


New Stockist – Czech Republic

We have another new new stockists of our 2mm buildings, this time in the Czech Republic.

The first package has just arrived and the proprietor of Piece of Terrain, Roman, has wasted no time in getting everything up and available on his site.


He’s also taken some photos as he unboxed the models, comparing the buildings to some Dystopian Wars items – as you can see, they’re a perfect match.

You can find a full list of overseas stockists on our website.

Back again !

I’m back from sunnier climes, after a 10-hour race across France to make our scheduled train crossing !

Full of ideas for new models, there are some lovely buildings in the region which are crying out to be part of our 2mm range. I’ve returned with 200+ photos and several books, now I just need to make some free time …

I’ve gone straight back into Brigade mode – there was a parcel of new prints waiting for me on my return, so this has been ripped open and I’ve been busily prepping them for moulding. In the photo below we have some large detached English houses (top left) and English town buildings (top right) – town hall, library, large school, hospital, clock tower etc. The bottom row is the start of range of Normandy buildings – several churches, a mairie and a set of rural/small village buildings.


And in case you think we’d forgotten all about them, the remastered British spaceships are also ready to be remoulded:


New Mediterranean Releases

We have a couple of bigger buildings in the 2mm range today. The Large Mediterranean Church is based on the one in Lourmarin, Provence – compare it with a photo of the real thing below. I’ll stump up a small prize if anyone can accurately paint all of the bars on the windows at 2mm scale !



The second model is a small hotel set in it’s own raised grounds. It would look good as the centre-piece of a village, maybe build into the side of a hill or even on a small island.


VLI-8020 – Large Mediterranean Church – £3.00
VLI-8021 – Hotel with Grounds – £2.50

Coastal Defences

This week we’re releasing some small coastal forts in our 2mm buildings range – two variants of the famous Martello Tower, and the tiny Fort Vauville from Normandy’s west coast which dates from the Seven Years’ War.


VLI-8025a – Martello Tower (single gun) – £0.75
VLI-8025b – Martello Tower (three gun) – £0.75
VLI-8026 – Fort Vauville – £1.00