Oliver’s Army

This is Checkpoint Charlie – and it’s most certainly not cracking a smile. It’s a pair of small armed bunkers which form a standardised road checkpoint. Together with a pair of reinforced barriers it can be used to block up a road and force any ground vehicles to come to a halt. And if anyone decides to take matters into their own hands and tries to break through, a pair of tri-barrel gatling cannons will make them think again!



Checkpoint Charlie will be released at Salute 2014, and then on the website soon after – price £5.00. It’s also possible to exchange the gatling mounts for other small weapon mounts from some of our other 15mm vehicles (such as those on the Tassigny APC) although the mounting holes will have to be drilled out to accommodate the larger turret rings of these weapons.

Get in Quick

Salute is a-coming, rather more quickly than we would like ! As always, we’re more than happy to take pre-orders, not quite up to the last minute but certainly until a few days before the show. However, one thing that won’t wait is any special orders for our Shapeways range of 3D printed models. We will be carrying stocks of all of the items that are on our website page, but anything else from the main Shapeways-hosted shop needs to be ordered in – and there are only a few days left to do so. So, if you would like a Pegasus or Horsa Bridge, any of our 6mm Normandy buildings range, a Vorpostenboot, some continental power pylons, even a 28mm bandstandwe need your orders by the end of Wednesday and no later ! And, having been burnt at a previous show by someone who ordered stacks of stuff and didn’t collect it, we will have to ask for a 20% deposit on it (you can pay the rest on the day).
UPDATE – it would help if I gave out a contact e-mail for orders !



Unpainted Vorpostenboot
Unpainted Vorpostenboot

Mini Power

So, you know we mentioned how popular the 6mm power pylons are? Well, what about these even more miniature versions? They’re the latest addition to the 2mm scenery range on our Shapeways store. Ideal for 2mm/3mm scale ground battles or as targets/scenery for larger scale aircraft games – we use them with 1/600th scale aircraft.



Very reasonably priced at US $8.60 for 12 pylons from our Shapeways Store. Not on our website yet, but only a matter of time.

More Power

The most popular single item in our Shapeways shop is the 6mm power pylons set. The type of pylon depicted is very common in the UK, but pylon designs differ from country to country – it’s very obvious on my frequent trips to France, where the basic design is quite different. So we’ve added a new type of pylon to the range, this one being more of a ‘T’ shape (or ‘Y’, depending on how you look at it) than the original one’s ‘A’ frame.


It comes in a set of three, priced at US $16.95 from our Shapeways store. At the moment they aren’t available from our website, but this is only a matter of time.

Expanding the Donut

My post last week about our ‘octo-donut’ colony base seems to have been pretty popular, judging by the stats on the blog and the Facebook feed. As mentioned, it needed some connecting frames to complete the construction, which duly arrived last week. Please excuse the less-than-perfect photos, I finished a long photo session yesterday afternoon, put all of the kit away and forgot to take these, so I had to whip out my phone to do them in dodgy light instead !


The basic open connecting frame fits between two building parts and basically just neatens up and hides the join, like this:


There are two other frames that are intended to fit over the end of any building to terminate it – one piece has a door in (that matches the external door in one of the two corner buildings shown last week), the other is a blank end with a bit of detail to liven it up.

Along with these were several new parts to the base, shown below:

Basic module, used as a habitation unit, laboratory etc. No doors, two identical pairs of windows either side:

Module with entrance door, the extended entrance module could easily be a decontamination airlock:

Garage/store-room module with large roll-up door:

With the addition of these extra modules, the octo-donut suddenly becomes a lot more flexible (and the name octo-donut increasingly more inaccurate, since the parts will make up much more than a simple octagonal base). For example, two of the new modules make a larger enclosed base with airlock and vehicle garage:


Or you could just add one straight module and use the end frame pieces to make an open base with the entrance in the middle:



And of course each individual module can be used to make a stand-alone building using the end frames:





Or two modules together make a simple garage plus workshop unit:


The possibilities, if not limitless, are certainly extensive. I’ve thought of several sitting here typing up this post, so I’m sure you can think of more. And the possibilities will grow further when we add three- and four-way junctions (T and + shaped) to the modules.

More Shapeways Stock

The promised additional deliveries have now arrived and we are now up to stock with more items from our Shapeways range. We have the ten most popular items in stock and available to order from our website, which completes our initial stock levels. We’ll see how well these sell before deciding whether or not to expand the range of items we carry.


This is also a good time to post a reminder about last posting dates for Christmas – the dates for overseas orders have long gone, but there’s just about time to get orders in for the UK. You’ll need to get your order to us by mid-day 4pm GMT on Wednesday 18th December, and we’ll do our best to get our order to you in time for Christmas Day.

Chain Home

Shapeways Items Now in Stock


Recently we’ve experimented with stocking a small number of from our Shapeways Store items and selling from our stand at shows. This has proved to be successful enough that we’ve decided to try keeping more stock of the most popular items and making them available by mail order from the website. The first stock items arrived yesterday and we’ve wasted no time in getting them on the website.

To start with we have just three items in the store, but we’re expecting more stock of other items early next week so keep an eye on the page over the next couple of weeks.

These items can be ordered normally from the website along with anything else you require. We will do our best to keep decent stocks of them, but if we’re ever short on stock then we’ll let you know and you can either cancel your order or wait until we get stocks in (usually 3 weeks or so). Please note that the prices may be different from what you would pay if ordering directly from Shapeways due to currency fluctuations.


Shapeways Weekend Offers

Shapeways are at it again – this weekend they’re offering some substantial discounts on larger orders:
Spend US$75 – get $10 off
Spend US$125 – get $25 off
Spend US$200 – get $50 off

Time to stock up on Power Pylons, Comms Towers, planes


Pulp Action

Many of you will have seen, either in the flesh or in photos, the magnificient Pacific Aeronef game from Jon Rogers and his Arbuthnot’s Aeronautical League of Gentlemen.

Jon sets his games in more of an early-C.20th ‘pulp’ background rather than the late-1800’s of the official setting, and asked me if we could make some in-scale aircraft models to fit his view of things. The particular aircraft he was after were the Boeing P-26 Peashooter and the Martin B-10 bomber with its distinctive twin cockpits.

Since these models don’t necessarily fit in with our existing Aeronef range, we’ve decided to do them as 3D print-on-demand models in our Shapeways store, rather than as metal castings.



Clicking on the images above will take you to the relevant page in our Shapeways ‘Brigade3D’ store. If you wish to order a different number than those available (we have them in packs of 12 fighters or 6 bombers) then please contact us and we’ll arrange to have a file with the correct number uploaded for you; pricing in Shapeways is such that the more you order, the cheaper they become per item.

And before anyone asks, I didn’t paint the markings ! They are decals from the excellent Dom’s Decals range.

Shapeways Sale

Shapeways are having a 20% sale on several different materials, including White, Strong & Flexible (normal and polished) from which many of the models in our Shapeways shop are made. It runs until September 20th, so get in quick.