Painted CDSU

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve posted galleries of some superbly painted 6mm models by Paul Lilley, both PacFed and EuroFed. The final army in his collection is his CDSU force, complete with Red Star-bearing power armour. You can see them in the gallery pages on our main website.

CDSU Battlegroup

Painted EuroFeds

Last week we posted a gallery of very nicely painted PacFed by Paul Lilley, part of his quite extensive 6mm collection. This week it’s the turn of his EuroFed army, painted in an unusual but effective camouflage scheme. You can see them in our gallery pages on the main website.

EuroFed Battlegroup

New Building Releases

We’ve posted two new models in the 6mm SF Desert Buildings range today. Firstly, we have a second small dwelling, similar to the existing one but with a vaulted roof rather than a dome.


Secondly, we have somewhere for your VTOLs to land when visiting a desert outpost – the Landing Pad will comfortably hold any of our existing VTOL models.

Painted PacFeds

We’ve been sent a batch of pictures of some very nicely painted 6mm models by Paul Lilley. Paul has three armies (so far, I think he’s planning more !) so we’ve split the pictures into three seperate galleries. The first of these is his PacFed grav tank army – you’ll find the gallery on the website.

PACFED Armoured Group by Paul Lilley

New stockist

Angel Barracks Logo

Angel Barracks is a specialist in small-scale wargaming – 6mm, 3mm and 2mm. We’re very pleased to announce that he now stocks a small selection of our 6mm SF range – in particular the Desert Buildings range. He will also using some of our vehicles and infantry to create some ready-made forces for the FUBAR set of rules.

Additions to the Shapeways Shop

We previewed some more 3D models a few days back – we were waiting for some prototypes to turn up before we added them to the store, just to make sure they were all OK.

Well, the parcel arrived yesterday and I’ve very rapidly taken a few photographs just to show them off. All are available from our Shapeways Shop as of now.

Cooling tower (67mm tall)
Power Pylons
Small water tower
Horsa Bridge end pieces

More building previews

Yet more building masters have landed at Brigade Towers during the week, both 15mm and 6mm (in some cases, the same model in both scales).

My favourite is this one, which we’ve nicknamed the Research Lab:

15mm Research Lab
6mm Research Lab








The 6mm Landing Pad (due for release very soon, by the way) has been scaled up to 15mm – you can just about land one of our Athenas on here with room to open the ramp, or it will take a smaller VTOL with comfort.

15mm Landing Pad








This one is another small house – unfortunately there’s a problem with the roof which means that we’re going to have to get it reprinted, but we thought we might as well show off the design !

15mm House
6mm House

New books on the Brigade Website


We have two new rulebooks releases on the website, along with the return of an old favourite. First we have The War That Never Was, an add-on module for Legionnaire Game’s Planetary Ops operational level rules. Secondly, again from Legionnaire, we have the first volume in their foray in starship rules, Task Force Zeta. Finally, the return of a stalwart in Majestic 12 Game’s Starmada X:Brigade, which also means that the starter packs are back too.

The Future Starts Here

SHP Logo

If you followed this blog you’ll know that we, like many other miniatures companies out there, have started using 3D computer modelling and printing as an aid to the design of some of our models. So far we’ve used it to produce masters of models that are still produced the old-fashioned way by hand-casting in metal or resin.

Mass-produced 3D printing of all of our products isn’t here yet, speed and cost of production remaining barriers to be overcome. However, there are still advantages that it offers in terms of producing complex models that would be nearly impossible with traditional techniques. For example, models which are hollow or have significant undercuts, holes or insets can be printed in one piece without the need for complicated or fiddly multi-part designs that are difficult to assemble and delicate when on the gaming table.

To that end, we’ve launched our own fledgling shop on Shapeways, which we will use to offer models that we would find difficult or impossible to offer in the normal way. We will also offer a few pieces that we would like to produce, but that we suspect may not have mass appeal and thus would not justify the cost and effort of making masters and moulds. We’ll also be tackling subjects outside of our normal ranges (such as my current 6mm WW2 project).

Horsa Bridge

The initial range of models is quite small – but that’s because we want to get a prototype of each model printed for ourselves first, so we can make sure it all works OK and looks good. We’re hoping to regularly add new items as we design them and can get prototype prints.

Large Airship Shed

New Year, New Previews

We previewed a number of upcoming 6mm models a few weeks back. Some of these have now reached the moulding stage and the first castings landed on my desk a couple of days ago.

There are a couple of minor things to be ironed out (there’s the odd air bubble) but we’re hoping to be able to release in the next week or two.

Small dwelling #2
Small dwelling #2
Flat-roofed house
Flat-roofed house
Landing pad
Landing pad with Hestia VTOL for scale

There are more new models on the way too – Phil has taken these for moulding

Small workshop
Small workshop - missing one of the roof vents
Collection of small outhouses - the equivalent of Martian potting sheds !