Threat from the East

Anyone who has read the background and history of the Iron Cow rulebook will know of the rise of the Indonesian Republic toward the end of the 21st century. Conquering many of their island neighbours and even threatening the eastern coastline of India, they emerge as a major world power at the turn of the 22nd Century. Steve Blease wrote some notes on a campaign between the Indonesian Republic and the Pacific Federation some time ago, now we’re finally catching up with models !

Today we’re previewing a new range of Indonesian armoured grav vehicles in 6mm – these are pre-production castings with an undercoat (I haven’t yet had time to paint them).

Indonesian Republic tanks

No target date for release just yet, as mentioned these are pre-production castings so there’s still the odd casting issue to iron out first.

New Releases

A very quick post at the end of lunch …

Most of the new releases from SELWG are now on the website; although photos are pre-production or simply non-existent, you can at least click the ‘Add to Cart’ button ! I’ll be working through the week to take new photos and update the site (if you’ve been following the blog then you pretty much know what the models look like anyway).

The Scandinavian Union aeronef have their own page.

The river gunboats are Neo-Soviet page. I’ll be adding options for different turret configurations as well.

I have yet to do the Belgian skirmish infantry, time has run out, but I’ll have a go tonight.

SELWG Releases

With just over a week to go to the show we’re firming up on the new models that we’ll have available.

After a successful run of the master moulds the other night, we have tins and initial stock of the Neo-Soviet BRK gunboat, in two variants with a choice of turrets. Although we’re selling this as a Neo-Soviet model, it looks pretty good with other turrets from our 6mm range (for example, I tried it with the German Helheim gatling turret and EuroFed Tassigny AA turrets because they happened to be lying on my desk). If you ask us nicely enough we’ll sell it with whatever turrets you require.

In the same master mould were the two Scandinavian Union capital ships. The cruisers and escorts will be in a second mould which we’ll be spinning today. We should have the full range of ten plus fleet packs and Union flags on the day. As you can see, the ‘Nef absolutely look the business when tooled up with all of their turrets and masts.

As a little experiment, I also made up a couple of our Land Ironclads scale fortresses with Scandinavian turrets (I would have done the 4-turret fortress as well but ran out of turrets !). The Maunsell fortress (right) needs a little bit of work (drilling out holes for the turret pegs) but they look fine.

The next confirmed release will be the 28mm Great War Belgian skirmish infantry in three variants – infantry in shako, Grenadiers and Carabiniers.

Don’t forget that we’ll also have stock of Angel Barracks 6mm SF civilians and RDF infantry with us as well.

That’s what we have confirmed so far, but there may be more if we pull our fingers out, so stay tuned.

The City of the Future

Terraformed Mars is a harsh place – cold, sandstorms, nothing but rocks and desert for miles. Life in the colonies is tough. Unless you live in one of the few cities of course, where live is comfortable, clean and almost like living back on Earth.

Lowell City is the largest city on the planet, the de facto capital – or at least it would be if the various Earth powers would stop squabbling over Mars long enough for a stable planetary government to be formed. Although still small by Earth standards, Lowell City is a clean, modern place with all the facilities needed entice families to move offworld.

As promised earlier in the week, here’s a preview of our new 6mm SF buildings – these are completely different in design to the existing desert buildings, with a far more futuristic look to them. The first four are three houses of various sizes and a small apartment block. The sort of houses you’d find in the suburbs of Lowell City.

As you can see, we had the doors and windows printed in a different (higher detail) material than the building shells, so I still need to do quite a bit of assembly and cleanup before they go into production. But you get the idea …

There’s no release date on these yet, we were hoping for SELWG but a combination of late delivery from the printers and overload from the last leg of the sale means that is now unlikely.

The End

Just a reminder that the fourth and last part of our summer sale is coming to a close; you have until midnight BST on Sunday 30th (around 7pm EST or 5pm PDT) to get 15% off our 6mm and 15mm SF ranges.

Sale Part #4; The Final Act …

It’s not really summer anymore (even though the weather is as good as it’s been all year !), so it seems a bit of a misnomer, but we’re announcing Brigade Summer Sale, Part #4: Surface Action.

What this means is that for the next 9 days, running from midnight tonight until midnight on the 30th, you can get 15% off both our 6mm and 15mm SF ranges – vehicles, figures and buildings (the only thing not covered are rulebooks and the Xmarx buildings range).

Summer holidays …

As this gets published, I’ll be departing on a Eurotunnel train bound for Calais and then onto Normandy for a week in the sun (I hope – who knows after this summer !!).

I’ll be leaving everything in Phil’s capable hands – the webshop remains open and he’ll be handling orders as normal. E-mail to me (and the payment@…, sales@… and enquiries@… addresses) may or may not get answered until I return, depending on how many free wi-fi spots we find – but you can always e-mail Phil directly if needed.

Through the wonders of WordPress advanced scheduling, the blog will keep rolling – I’ve already lined up some posts for the week ahead !

15mm SF ‘gamers will be pleased to know that I beat the clock and managed to finish prepping the Power Armour torsos and arms ready for moulding – so Phil will be doing those while I’m away, and we should be in a position to release them by the end of August.

As a parting gift I leave you this … an urban assault variant of the 6mm Neo-Soviet Vombat tank/APC hyprid, equipped with a remote turret packing two tri-barrel gatlings and four missile launchers.

Last time I came back from Normandy it resulted in the Pegasus Bridge game – who knows what absurd idea will result when I return this time …

Bunker Soldiers

Something new for a Monday … a turret bunker so you can make your very own Maginot Line. The pictures show it with a Polish Maczek tank turret because that’s what I had handy, but we’ll be selling it with the option of just about any of our tank turrets. You might have to modify it slightly because some of our turrets have different sized posts, but that should be pretty straightforward – just drill out the existing hole a bit. It needs a little bit of finishing off (adding a door in the doorway) but should be available soon.

Angel Barracks

Just a quick shout out for Michael at Angel Barracks – he’s the only other stockist of our 6mm buildings range and covers a few shows in the South-West of the UK that we don’t (tomorrow he’s at Attack! in Devizes, Wiltshire).

He has also started his own range of 6mm figures (we know all about this ‘cos we’re casting for him !) – a pack of civilians and a new pack of RDF (Regional Defence Force) troopers. We’ll be carrying these figures at any shows we attend, although you should go straight to AB for mail order.

Bits ‘n’ pieces

While I had the camera out for the Bizon the other evening, I took the opportunity to take a few snaps of some work-in-progress 6mm stuff that was lying on the workbench. I tend to work on multiple items at one time, so that while one master is drying/setting/curing I can switch to another.

Some of you might know of the Mounier Load Carrier, a 10-wheel Eurofed truck (part of the Legion Etranger set of models) that has been stuck in development hell for an age. Well, I’ve put together an armed variant carrying both salvo-rocket and AA missile turrets, and we should be able to release both models together pretty soon. The salvo rocket turret also goes onto the Montsabert tank hull to create the Weygand rocket launcher (from the Kicking Up Dust Iron Cow scenario).

Something a bit more weird and wonderful now. In WW2 the Soviets built a series of river patrol boats armed with a variety of tank turrets, Katyusha rockets and so on. Known as Bronekater (bronirovannyie katera, or armoured cutter), a large number were built and they served throughout the war.

So, this is my take on a Neo-Soviet near-future version of the same vehicle – this time armed with Bizon and other assorted turrets. There are two slightly different versions – the first has a Bizon turret front and rear (the model shows one tank turret and one support turret, but any mix of the two turrets will work) and will also carry two of the small gatling support mounts just behind the deckhouse. The second variant has a single Bizon turret at the front and two support turrets aft – either Shershen AA or Vikhr salvo rockets.