Docking Bay 26

Need somewhere to park your spaceship while in town? Docking Bay 26 is suitable for every class of vessel from tramp freighter to executive shuttle, and with our reasonable rates and level-3 security systems you’d be mad to leave it anywhere else.


This is the latest and largest model in our 6mm Desert Buildings range and is available from the website now. Revell Millennium Falcon shown for scale purposes only.


B300-129 – Docking Bay – £18.00

Big Brother is Watching …

Some new in 6mm this week, as a break from the 15mm fest we’ve had lately. This time we have another tower in the 6mm Desert Buildings range. This has a manned module at the top and can be used as either a control tower for an airfield or spaceport, or a watchtower for a prison or compound. The model comes complete with metal aerials, but could be further upgraded with the addition of a radar scanner from our 15mm range.



In addition, we’ve combined the new Control Tower and Munitions Bunkers along with the Landing Pad to create a VTOL Airfield set, containing four each of the bunker and landing pad along with a control tower – all at 10% off the individual prices. And if that wasn’t enough, for the couple of weeks of release you’ll get a bundle of jeeps and trucks (SAC Hippos and Springboks) thrown in free to populate the airfield.


B300-128 – Control Tower – £4.00
BP300-103 – VTOL Airfield – £14.50

I’ve had a bit of fun trying to cast these, we’re in the middle of a spell of decent weather here in the UK and the resin is setting very quickly, almost too fast to pour it into the moulds. This morning I was up at 6:30am to cast up some samples before the temperature rose ! However, they’re available from the website now.

New Desert Construction

As previewed (and painted) recently, there are three new items available today in our 6mm Desert Buildings range. The first, and largest, we’re calling the Repair Station, and it’s where the local colonists go to have their speeder bike or grav truck fixed when the hydro-exhaust blows a plasma gasket. The Munitions Bunker is used on military bases and airfields to store bombs, missiles and explosives and make them secure from theft or attack (and in the worst case, contain any internal explosion to minimise damage to surrounding structures). Similar bunkers are also used as accommodation on front line bases – although spartan, they are preferable to anything else when the shells are dropping. The final model is a slightly more primitive dwelling – lacking the roof dome with its climate control system, instead there is a roof terrace where the occupants can enjoy the cooler part of the day.


B300-125 – Repair Station – £2.25
B300-126 – Munitions Bunker – £1.00
B300-127 – Primitive Dwelling – £1.00

Painting 6mm Desert Buildings

I was asked about how I painted my 6mm desert buildings on our Facebook page recently. It’s a pretty simple method, and I thought I’d share how it was done using some of the new models I previewed last Monday. My method is aimed at creating battered, weather-beaten structures – it’s not for pristine city buildings !

Stage 1 – the obvious one, which is to thoroughly clean the castings in washing-up liquid (dish soap on the other side of the Atlantic). Leave them to completely dry.

Stage 2 – the base coat. For this stage I’m using Army Painter Bone primer from a spray can since it’s easy. If you wanted to paint them using acrylics, either by brush or airbrush, you’d best undercoat them white first, but with the AP spray can I can skip this since it’s designed to be sprayed straight onto bare models.


Stage 3 – shading. I cover them in a GW wash, it used to be Devlan mud but nowadays it’s Agrax Earthshade from the new paint range. A good alternative is Army Painter’s Strong Tone wash (the small bottle, not the big metal can of dip). Make sure you get this into every nook and cranny, you might need to go back and cover up any spots you missed once it’s dry. A good tip is to do a second coat over the bottom 1/4″ inch or so of the models once the first coat has dried, this makes the bottom half of the buildings darker and adds to the shadow effect. I also went round with a small brush, darkening some of the corners and creating shadows under windows after the first wash coat had dried.


Stage 4 – drybrush. I used GW Tyrant skull, one of their ‘dry’ paints. But whatever shade of tan/buff you prefer is good


Stage 5 – details. There aren’t many on these models, but this is the time to pick out details such as doors, windows, vents and aircon units in whatever range of colours you see fit. This might include shading, highlighting and/or drybrushing.


Stage 6 – varnish. Army painter matt anti-shine for this stage, although again whatever brand suits you.


Stage 7 – put on the table and game with them !

And finally…

Completely off-topic – a fond farewell to Rik Mayall, a comic genius who, along with Ade Edmondson, made me cry with laughter during a performance of the Bottom stage show many years ago.

Fresh from the Mould

Some brand new stuff here, some of which might not have been seen before.

I’ve been running several new moulds (I’d have done more if it hadn’t starting raining – the English weather, as usual, is alternating between rain and stifling hot) and thought I’d show the results.

We have half-a-dozen new resin items in 6mm and 2mm. There’s a 6mm repair station, munitions bunker and primitive dwelling for the Desert Buildings range:

And three French coastal forts for the 2mm range; Fort Louvois (Marennes, about 6 miles from Rochefort), Fort Lupin (on the Charente estuary leading to Rochefort) and Fort Boyard (in the Pertuis d’Antioche straits, once again guarding the approaches to Rochefort, and instantly recognisable to fans of rubbish 90s TV game shows).


Behind that is an Aeronef hangar – this model is already available from our Shapeways site (and it’s worth considering as the interior has loads of great internal girder detail). Obviously this resin version is a bit more solid, but it will have separate metal external doors and struts, and is designed to handle one of our Schleswig-Holstein digs.

As always, bear in mind these are early castings from brand new moulds so there’s the odd air bubble and bit that still needs to be debugged. The 6mm buildings are in the release schedule for the next 3-4 weeks, while the forts need a metal mould for additional parts (turret tops and towers, etc) so will be a week or two longer. The hangar is pretty imminent …

Stocking Up for Broadside

Broadside if just a few days away now, so we’re finishing our preparations. The UPS man arrived this morning with a delivery from Shapeways to replenish our stocks of 3D printed power pylons, comms masts, Tesla towers etc …


As well as that I’m alternating between days at the workshop casting metal items, and more resin casting – today it’s Apollo and Shaman hulls (one a new release, the other a big seller), 2mm power stations and hangars and 6mm towers.


We’re going to have a couple of special offers on the day. Firstly, we going to be repeating the offer we ran at Salute – if you buy any set of 15mm rules (Strike Legion:Platoon Leader, Gruntz or PMC-2640) you’ll get 10% off any vehicles and figures you purchase at the same time.


The second offer is on the 6mm Strike Legion series. We’re creating a bundle of the Strike Legion main rulebook and the Genome Gambit and Skunk Works supplements for £35 – buying the three books separately would normally set you back £45, so that’s a £10 saving.


Rochester Games, Models and Railway

This is probably only of interest to anyone in Kent, but feel free to read on, even if you’re in another country !

Just about the only independent wargames shop in the North of Kent, Rochester Games, Models and Railway is situated on the main A2 through the historic town of Rochester (it used to be a City, but someone messed up …). Jim and Victoria, the very friendly owners, carry a large and increasing range of scale models (Tamiya, Airfix, Revell, Italeri), model railway (Hornby, Peco, Bachmann) and wargames (GW, Warlord Games, West Wind, PSC … and now Brigade Models !).


This morning I delivered two large boxes full of a variety of blisters. Initially they will be stocking spaceship squadron packs, Celtos unit packs (and some individual figures), 6mm company packs and Squadron Commander blister packs. However, they will take orders and if you require anything else from our other ranges then ask and they’ll pass your request onto us.

RGMR doesn’t have a website yet, but they do have a Facebook page and host regular gaming nights. The Rochester Sweeps Festival is this weekend, so if you’re going along then why not pop in and pay them a visit ? Alternatively, go and visit the shop and while you’re there enjoy the festivities.

On the Smaller Side

The 15mm crowd have been getting very good value from us lately in terms of new releases – a dozen vehicles, buildings, the colony bases and other goodies. 6mm gamers have probably felt a little left out – until now. Today we’ve added our new 6mm Advanced Buildings to the website, nine models plus a pack containing one of each.


B300-201 – Small dwelling – £1.00
B300-202 – Medium dwelling – £1.25
B300-203 – Large dwelling – £1.25
B300-204 – Small workshop – £1.00
B300-205 – Large workshop – £1.00
B300-206 – Garage – £1.50
B300-207 – Large Building – £1.75
B300-208 – Small apartments – £2.00
B300-209 – Large apartment block – £3.00
BP300-201 – Advanced Buildings pack – £12.50

Back to Normal

So, Salute is over for another year. The show was incredibly busy this time, it felt like there were people than last year and everyone seemed very upbeat. I’ve seen another trader saying that they had their second-best Salute ever, which we can agree with – ours was our third best, although only around 3-4% short of being the all-time best.

The downside of such a busy day is that we don’t get to see any of the great games on display, we’ve had to rely on the many galleries of images from the day to see what went on. I did manage to get a snap of the new stand layout on one of the few occasions when it wasn’t obscured by customers (unfortunately the lighting at the venue seemed to be quite dim so it’s a bit grainy), and Robin Fitton has posted a 3-minute video of the entire stand.


Much as we’d like to take it easy for a few days, there are still plenty of jobs to do. All of the new models at the show (and there were an awful lot of them) now need to be painted, photographed and added to the website, which will take a week or two. In the meantime I’ve packed and dispatched all of the orders that arrived in the week leading up to the show and which we’d had to put to one side, so apologies to everyone that had to wait a few extra days.

We’ll get going with the first of the new releases, ones which I already have painted, starting with the Large Tower from our 6mm Desert Buildings range.

B300-107 – Large Tower – £4.00

Also new on the website are the 15mm Firefly Combat Drones in packs of 12.

SF15-711 – Firefly Combat Drones (x12) – £2.00

Finally for today we have two new items in the 15mm Fortifications range – a multi-part checkpoint/roadblock complete with twin tri-barrel gatlings, and a radar-equipped command bunker.

B15-1003 – Checkpoint – £5.00
B15-1004 – Command Bunker – £8.00