Fresh from the Mould

Some brand new stuff here, some of which might not have been seen before.

I’ve been running several new moulds (I’d have done more if it hadn’t starting raining – the English weather, as usual, is alternating between rain and stifling hot) and thought I’d show the results.

We have half-a-dozen new resin items in 6mm and 2mm. There’s a 6mm repair station, munitions bunker and primitive dwelling for the Desert Buildings range:

And three French coastal forts for the 2mm range; Fort Louvois (Marennes, about 6 miles from Rochefort), Fort Lupin (on the Charente estuary leading to Rochefort) and Fort Boyard (in the Pertuis d’Antioche straits, once again guarding the approaches to Rochefort, and instantly recognisable to fans of rubbish 90s TV game shows).


Behind that is an Aeronef hangar – this model is already available from our Shapeways site (and it’s worth considering as the interior has loads of great internal girder detail). Obviously this resin version is a bit more solid, but it will have separate metal external doors and struts, and is designed to handle one of our Schleswig-Holstein digs.

As always, bear in mind these are early castings from brand new moulds so there’s the odd air bubble and bit that still needs to be debugged. The 6mm buildings are in the release schedule for the next 3-4 weeks, while the forts need a metal mould for additional parts (turret tops and towers, etc) so will be a week or two longer. The hangar is pretty imminent …

Blast-tastic !


Blast-tastic! is a new show organised by our chum Michael at Angel Barracks. It’s aimed squarely at SF gaming and will take place on October 4th on Filton, Bristol. We will be there along with a number of other SF traders, and there are several games lined up for you to take part in. For more information see the Blast-tastic! page on the Angel Barracks site.

Double Dice Base

A while back (a couple of years ago) we were asked by a rules writer if we could produce a base for spaceships that could accommodate two of our small six-sided dice. This we duly did, but unfortunately the set of rules in question didn’t seem to go anywhere.


However, we still have the mould and thought that it sill might be a useful item for other games systems. The base (shown here modelled by a German Dortmund class battlecruiser Scharnhorst) is a solid metal item, 28mm across flats so larger than our normal flying stands, and is supplied with the same type of plastic post. It’s solid enough to provide a very stable base for a large spaceship and has two side-by-side recesses to hold a pair of the small d6 from our Accessories range (dice are not supplied with the base).


This type of base would be useful for marking speed or acceleration, damage or shield values, altitude for aircraft, or anything else you could think of. Or just for keeping bigger ships upright !

ACC-022 – Two-dice base (pack of four) – £2.00

New Stockist – Grand Scale Games


Grand Scale Games in Indianapolis specialises in very small scale (2mm) gaming and Nick now stocks many of the items from our Land Ironclads and Aeronef ranges. We often get asked about Aeronef stockists in North America – now we have one again.


Review of the Fleet

One task we’re slowly but steadily working through is to improve the quality of the photos on the website so that all of our models are shown at their best. We have a large and steadily increasing range of 1100+ models so as you can imagine this is a time-consuming exercise. Although we’re doing much of this work ourselves (I like painting, so it’s hardly a chore), some of the painting has been done by various friends who have volunteered their services. One such is Robin Fitton, author of the Gruntz ruleset, talented brush-wielder and all-round good egg. He took on the Herculean task of painting and photographing the whole of our British Aeronef fleet, and has made a cracking job of it.


I’ve already inserted his photographs into the British pages on the website, but we feel that they’re deserving of a wider audience, so here’s a gallery of highlights. Robin has assembled and painted the models ‘as-is’, without any modifications or super-detailing (that will come later) so you can see what can be achieved with them out of the box.


There are 170 models in the Nef range already, with scope to expand, so I’m not sure Robin’s quite grasped the task he’s taken on ! However, he’s already working on the next fleet – we look forward to seeing that one as well.

Stoke Rochford Weekend

If you keep an eye on our Facebook page you might have seen the odd post from me at Stoke Rochford Hall during the gaming weekend held there. If was a splendid weekend with two excellent dinners, gaming all day Saturday and Sunday morning, held in the superb venue of a country house built in 1840 (imagine Downton Abbey and you’re halfway there).


Both days saw two games being held, a large Aeronef fleet action on one table and games of 15mm Gruntz on the other (Robin Fitton, the author of Gruntz, was one of the attendees). As a further attraction (if you needed one), I took up a small selection of Brigade stock, mostly Aeronef, 2mm Scenery and Land Ironclads, in keeping with the main theme of the event (I would have taken some 15mm stock as well, but the sale has wiped out our stocks of resin items so I didn’t have a great deal to take !). It was a chance for everyone to delve into the drawers of Nef and LI and pick out exactly what they needed, especially with me suffering a chronic inability to add up and continually undercharging.

Friday evening saw everyone arrive for dinner, nominally at eight but it ended up being eight-thirty by the time everyone had arrived. The menu at SRH is superb, as was the wine chosen by our host, Dave Frampton, and I retired well after midnight after an evening spent recounting gaming stories.

On Saturday, very slightly hungover, I played in a titanic Aeronef fleet action with over 150 vessels fighting over the disputed (and little known) Danish Virgin Islands. Forces from Italy, Denmark, the USA and a large bunch of pirates fought themselves to a standstill, with the Italian/Pirate alliance of convenience triumphing.

On another table, Robin’s superb scratchbuilt 15mm scenery played host to a skirmish game which I failed to take any photos of – however, I’m sure Robin will have plenty.

Saturday night’s dinner was fancy dress or dinner jacket, with everyone joining in. Some splendid Admiral’s uniforms appeared, along with Biggles, the Turk and several very smart DJs. It should be noted that the medals on our host Dave’s chest (far left in the first photo) are real, not part of a costume …

On the Sunday I was able to give the Gruntz rules a try – having heard many good things about them I’d never had the chance to play, so was very grateful to be able to join in Trevor Brown’s game. The rules are completely different in flavour to the Hammer’s Slammers Crucible set we played recently, being a more skirmish level set but still capable of handling reasonable numbers of tanks and vehicles.

That concluded the weekend’s action, with a long drive home in prospect I set off just after lunchtime.

We’ve provisionally planned a date for another SRH event next year, slightly earlier at the end of January – and we’re already planning the game (the Aeronef Battle of Jutland !).

Tesla Towers

Nikola Tesla is probably one of the most under-appreciated scientists of all time. One of his creations was the experimental Wardenclyffe Tower built near New York, intended as a proof of concept demonstration of wireless telegraphy, broadcasting and even wireless power transmission – clearly years ahead of its time.

We thought that such a device fitted perfectly into the Victorian Science-Fiction background of Aeronef and Land Ironclads, either as a communications tower or some sort of radar-like device. The original tower has long gone (although the base building remains) but fortunately there is still plenty of photographic reference. We’ve reproduced the tower (or a decent facsimile of it) as part of the 2mm scenery range in our Shapeways shop, and you can also buy it from our website.


Aeronef Weekend Update

When posting about the Stoke Rochford Aeronef weekend last month, I forgot to mention one vital fact – Brigade will be there (at least I will, Phil has a previous engagement*) with a mini-trade stand. Well, not a trade stand as such, I’ll just be cramming a few bits into the back of the car in case anyone wants anything – mostly Aeronef, Land Ironclads, 2mm buildings or 15mm SF, items related to the games being played.


So if you’re staying for the whole weekend, or just popping in for a day, you’ll be able to get hold of things from us. You can order in advance (a very good idea since I don’t really know what stock I’ll have) and pay either using the ‘Collect in Person’ option on the website, or I’ll take cash or credit cards on the day. Or if you just want to have a browse through and pick up a few bits from what I have with me, that’s fine too.

Even if you live in the immediate area around Grantham and want to order anything just to avoid postage charges, you can order and pop in on the day – I’m sure Dave won’t mind a few extra visitors !


* – Phil’s other engagement is at the Cavalier show in Tonbridge, Kent, where he’s debuting the 28mm WWI game that he’s been working hard on all Winter. So although we won’t have a trade stand there, you can order from the website (again, use the ‘Collect in Person’ option to avoid shipping charges) and pick the order up from him at the Maidstone Wargames Society table.

Group front

Aeronef Gaming Weekend

Last year we attended Dave Frampton’s Aeronef Weekend at Stoke Rochford Hall near Grantham in Lincolnshire.


Dave’s organising another event this year over the weekend of 21st/22nd/23rd of February. This year the ‘Nef game will be based in the Caribbean and will run over the two days, and there will also be some 15mm Gruntz gaming happening as well with the rules author, Robin Fitton, in attendance. Two day’s stay at the hotel plus breakfast and evening meal is just £99 per person, which is an absolute bargain.

For more details contact David by e-mail or call on 1476 531203.


Pulp Action

Many of you will have seen, either in the flesh or in photos, the magnificient Pacific Aeronef game from Jon Rogers and his Arbuthnot’s Aeronautical League of Gentlemen.

Jon sets his games in more of an early-C.20th ‘pulp’ background rather than the late-1800’s of the official setting, and asked me if we could make some in-scale aircraft models to fit his view of things. The particular aircraft he was after were the Boeing P-26 Peashooter and the Martin B-10 bomber with its distinctive twin cockpits.

Since these models don’t necessarily fit in with our existing Aeronef range, we’ve decided to do them as 3D print-on-demand models in our Shapeways store, rather than as metal castings.



Clicking on the images above will take you to the relevant page in our Shapeways ‘Brigade3D’ store. If you wish to order a different number than those available (we have them in packs of 12 fighters or 6 bombers) then please contact us and we’ll arrange to have a file with the correct number uploaded for you; pricing in Shapeways is such that the more you order, the cheaper they become per item.

And before anyone asks, I didn’t paint the markings ! They are decals from the excellent Dom’s Decals range.