That’s that then…..

So after weeks of preparation, late nights and long casting sessions Salute has come and gone for another year. Its always a busy day and again we didn’t get to see much of the show ourselves so have to resort to other people’s photo reports of the day to see what what was going on.

As ever we’re completely knackered. Fatally I sat down with the kids last night to watch some tele. Suddenly it was a quarter past midnight and we were all asleep in the lounge. After I got them off to bed I stupidly sat back downstairs. Once I’d woken up again at half three I finally made it to bed!

After having a couple of days off, we’ll get all of the new releases on the website to buy over the next few days.

Until then its time for a bit more sleep…..

trying to sleep

Whilst the cat is away……

Ok so this is a fairly shameless excuse to get a picture of one my cats on the internet.

However the wife is going away for five whole days to Snowdonia with some friends so naturally I’m taking time off work to enjoy time on my own in the house. Even allowing for the fact that I have to take the sprogs to and from school each day I will get around thirty hours in the house on my own. I don’t think I’ve had that much time on my own at home since 1998.

So my plan is to spend as much time as possible making new masters, cleaning up models for moulding and doing general Brigade stuff. I’m aiming to post the results of each day in the evening. Not sure what I’ll make – there aren’t any firm plans at the moment.

That’s the idea anyway. I’ve got a stack of DVD’s that I don’t normally get to watch lined up, a fresh supply of plastic card and a pile of chocolate to fortify me.

Of course I might simply sit and play Diablo III…..

But, but, but … how could you ?

Out at the workshop the other week, preparing for Salute, we saw one of the saddest sights in the farmyard. Someone had thrown some rubbish on the bonfire – nothing unusual there. But amongst the general crap was something that genuinely shocked us – someone had thrown Bagpuss on the fire !!!

Poor ol' Bagpuss ...
Bagpuss on the fire

To children of the seventies who fondly remember Bagpuss (and the Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Organ) this was such a sad thing to see.

Fortunately, the weather gods agreed with us and shortly after we took this photo the heavens opened and so Bagpuss was saved, at least for a little while …

A most unwelcome visitor …

The Brigade slave pits have recently suffered an unpleasant incursion … mice. Well, the workshop is on a farm so I suppose it’s to be expected but the little swine are getting bolder and braver. Not only have they eaten an entire pack of cakes (Tesco’s own Angel Slices – so I’m expecting a review from them sometime soon), they’ve got into the teabags and crapped in the cutlery ! Now we don’t leave all of this stuff out in the open for them, we have a small wooden sideboard in which all of the comestibles live, but somehow the pesky blighters have found a way into it. Last week I opened the cutlery drawer to find a little brown furry muzzle staring out at me from the middle of a chewed pack of napkins ! I don’t know who was more startled, but he reacted first and flew across the shop to escape. When we left I made sure the cupboard doors were firmly shut and put everything away. But in doing so I reckon I trapped one inside, because this is what we found when we reported for casting duties on Monday …

Mouse chewings ...

One of the gits had chewed his way through the drawer where we keep stationary and out to freedom, leaving a trail of sawdust and eating through several sheets of sticky labels (don’t ask me why – the glue tastes terrible).

After effects in the stationary drawer ...

So this now means war – ignoring any weapons limitations treaties to the contrary, we will be deploying mousetraps at the earliest opportunity.

Failing that, we’ll be escalating to the nuclear option and deploying Mia*, the latest addition to the Brigade staff. At seven weeks she might have to grow a little bit, but having seen what she does to a toy mouse, I have no doubt as to her eventual effectiveness against real ones !


*Mia – Mia-cat – geddit ? It wasn’t my idea …