Celtos Skeletons

Recently, Australian gamer Azazel send us some photos of some beautifully painted Celtos skeletons which he’d featured on his blog. They’re well worth showing again here, and we’re grateful to him for sharing them with us – visit his page to see more.




Painted CDSU

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve posted galleries of some superbly painted 6mm models by Paul Lilley, both PacFed and EuroFed. The final army in his collection is his CDSU force, complete with Red Star-bearing power armour. You can see them in the gallery pages on our main website.

CDSU Battlegroup

Painted EuroFeds

Last week we posted a gallery of very nicely painted PacFed by Paul Lilley, part of his quite extensive 6mm collection. This week it’s the turn of his EuroFed army, painted in an unusual but effective camouflage scheme. You can see them in our gallery pages on the main website.

EuroFed Battlegroup

Painted PacFeds

We’ve been sent a batch of pictures of some very nicely painted 6mm models by Paul Lilley. Paul has three armies (so far, I think he’s planning more !) so we’ve split the pictures into three seperate galleries. The first of these is his PacFed grav tank army – you’ll find the gallery on the website.

PACFED Armoured Group by Paul Lilley