If You Go Down To The Woods Today…


Natives of the fourth planet of the Eta Odin system, the Tolero are primitive but intelligent creatures who outwardly resemble terrestrial bears. More than one anthropologist has been taken in by their cute and cuddly appearance but received a nasty surprise from the pointy end of a Tolero spear !


Armed with the afore-mentioned spears and short bows, the Tolero are hunters that roam the plains and prairies of their homeworld, stalking the docile Shomix quadripeds for food. Some ride on fearsome Thaeyax steeds, a vicious flightless avian similar to an Emu and nicknamed ‘Terror Birds’ by the first research teams to visit Eta Odin IV.


There are still several research stations of different nationalities on the planet, investigating the possibilities of full colonisation. Small military outposts also exist, primarily to protect these bases from the attentions of the natives. Rumours also still persist of a Chinese labour camp, used to house particularly awkward prisoners that need to conveniently disappear, but this has predictably been denied by the CDSU government.

SF15-051 – Tolero with Spears (x8) – £2.75
SF15-052 – Tolero with Bows (x8) – £2.75
SF15-056 – Tolero Cavalry with Spears (x6) – £3.50
SF15-057 – Tolero Cavalry with Bows (x6) – £3.50

Those in the know will recognise the Tolero as being another part of the former ArmiesArmy range that we’ve finally got round to re-releasing.

The Dark Side of the Moon

Spheres and domes are an ideal design for bases on the moon or other low-pressure environments – no nasty corners to create weak spots and let the atmosphere out. They can be seen in classic science-fiction and old NASA publicity material, the most famous example of which is the Moonbase in Gerry Anderson’s UFO series.

Today we’re releasing our own take on this design with our Moonbase Habitation Sphere model. Technically the shape is not a sphere, but a truncated icosahedron with curved sides – instantly recognisable as the shape of a football (at least it is in six out of seven continents of the world – a soccer ball if you’re in North America !). The habitable sphere sits on an octagonal base unit which incorporates an airlock for access and houses store rooms and atmosphere recycling equipment.



The design and casting of this one was quite tricky – the base is simple enough, but the sphere has been split into two halves. Five of the hexagonal side panels are cast as separate metal pieces that go together to hide the join quite effectively (thanks to John Treadaway for working this out). The kit comes as the three resin pieces plus six panels to allow some variety – three blank panels, and one each with a window, ventilation grill and escape hatch/access panel. The set of six panels are also available separately if you need spares to customise your moonbase.


B15-601 – Habitation Sphere – £15.00
B15-601p – Spare Panels (x6) – £3.00

Small Scale, High Rise

This week we’re releasing some of the models that I used in the build of my Syrian towns, the apartment blocks.


The set contains five resin blocks of varying heights suitable as office blocks, hotels or apartments (some more luxurious than others !).


As an added bonus today, we have another in our series of British coastal forts. In fact you get two for the price of one, as Forts Hoo and Darnet in the River Medway were pretty much identical. Finished in 1871, they were originally intended to be two-tiered but subsidence problems saw them reduced to a single tier of 11 guns, and the proposed boom between them was never completed.


SSS-8067 – Apartment Blocks (x5) – £2.50
SSS-8068 – Fort Hoo/Darnet – £2.00

Life in the Freezer

A few weeks back we previewed our new 15mm Research Base buildings. The models are now all ready to go and are available from the website today. I’ve painted up a set in bright orange colours as an Arctic base, but the models could equally be used as a base in any other setting – jungle, mountain, desert etc. The buildings would also make a good Nissen Hut replacement for airbases or barracks.


The Research Base set includes a command centre, two accomodation blocks, a garage block and storage shed, along with some clutter pieces such as a small container and storage boxes. The four buildings are also available individually.


We don’t have any suitable civilian vehicles to go with the base, so for these photos I painted up an unarmed Neo-Soviet Laska tankette as a small tracked explorer vehicle.



Although for space reasons we won’t be bringing the rest of the 15mm buildings range, we’ll have some stock of these at Cavalier on Sunday. We will also have some of the new 6mm PacFed and Polish infantry, as well as all of our other new releases from this year.


As an added extra, we’ll have limited numbers of some Angel Barracks 6mm figures, in particular the new 30-figure character set.


B15-500 – Research Base Set -£30.00
B15-501 – Accomodation Block – £6.00
B15-502 – Command Centre – £8.00
B15-503 – Small Garage Block – £6.00
B15-504 – Storage Hut – £3.50

6mm PacFed Armoured Infantry

Last week we released our new 6mm Polish infantry, sculpted by Martin Baker. This week it’s the turn of the Pacific Federation figures, which are heavily armoured with more advanced weapons


The contents of each pack is the same as the Polish, with enough figures to make three identical squads of a squad leader, five riflemen, a SAW and an anti-tank missile launcher. Again, there are three different riflemen poses to avoid too much repetition.


SF300-770 – PacFed Infantry Platoon – £2.75


As with the Polish, all PacFed packs that contain infantry will now contain the new figures instead of the older generic ones.

Polish 6mm Infantry Released

We previewed our new 6mm infantry a few weeks ago, and the first pack has hit the website today. The Polish Infantry are near-future in style with open-faced helmets and assault rifles, along with RPG-style anti-tank weapons and light machine guns.


Each pack of 24 figures has enough figures to make three identical squads of a squad leader, five riflemen, a SAW and an anti-tank weapon. There are three different riflemen poses so that your units won’t look too uniform.


SF300-1370 – Polish Infantry Platoon – £2.75

All Polish packs that contain infantry will now contain the new figures instead of the older generic ones.

Suburban Bliss

Most of our Small Scale Scenery range is made up of 19th and very early 20th century buildings, due to its initial origins as an offshoot of our Aeronef and Land Ironclads ranges. Today we’re adding some more up-to-date buildings in the form of a 1960s housing estate. It’s made up of a mix of semi-detached and detached houses, along with the obligatory row of convenience stores and takeaways. It’s a mature estate where the residents have gradually upgraded their houses, with the houses featuring a collection of garages, extensions, conservatories and porches that make them all slightly different.


Although the houses are modelled on an English development, the buildings would be eminently suitable for post-war estates in other European countries.

SSS-8066 – Housing Estate – £6.00

New Polish Half-Tracks

Today’s new release is three new Suwalska half-track variants for our 15mm Polish force.

Two are fire-support variants with a heavier gun in a fixed superstructure. The ‘Młot’ model has a short barrelled howitzer, mainly used in support of infantry and ideal for taking out entrenched enemy with its potent HE round.


The ‘Łucznik’ model has a high-velocity light anti-tank gun. This is ideal for taking on light armoured vehicles such as APCs or armoured cars, although it’s not capable of handling main battle tanks.

The third new model is an armoured command vehicle, the ‘Hetman’, with a small twin-MG turret for self-defence, and a radar dish capable of communicating with orbiting command satellites.


All three variants are on our website now.
SF15-1303f – Suwalska ‘Hetman’ Command Vehicle – £8.00
SF15-1303g – Suwalska ‘Łucznik’ Anti-Tank – £8.00
SF15-1303h – Suwalski ‘Młot’ Fire-Support – £8.00

The variant names have been updated post-release thanks to some very helpful feedback from TMP members Kadrinazi and Awuuuu. Never rely on online translations for unfamiliar languages…

The Alaudae Legion and West Riding Yeomanry

The Alaudae Legion

AlaudaeLogoThe Alaudae Legion – led by Colonel Cornelius Dark – are an elite Frankish unit from New Gallia.

The mid to late 330s saw the implementation of the effective refit of the Alaudae Legion. Many older vehicles were scrapped or sold on although, for a long time – even as replacements were brought in – units were often fielded with mixtures of older vehicles and newer AFVs as the transition and upgrades took place.The Legion’s re-equip needed several new pieces of equipment. Unable to find a suitable heavy tank from existing designs, the Legion persuaded AMX to develop a version of the Garibaldi tank with an extended hull. This was then paired with the large turret from the Sohei, purchased from Mitsusaki Industries on Hiroseke, to create the Larminat. This hybrid tank was so successful that the Legion repeated the process with the Montsabert. This had initially been rejected because of concerns over the small size of the turret, but Mitsusaki-manufactured Shaman turrets were paired with the hull to create the Shamont, which required a slightly larger turret ring but little else in the way of modification.


The Larminat and Shamont are now available from the website, and we’ve also added three detachment options for the Legion – Armoured, Heavy Armoured and Infantry detachments each with eight elements. Each detachment comes complete with crew figures, stowage packs, infantry bases and other bits and pieces. Another new model which the Legion require is the Weygand missile tank, known as the Damselfly II in Legion service.

One of my painting tasks for the next few weeks is to put together an Alaudae army ready for action in the new year. Once this is complete, you can be sure they’ll be put in front of the camera for an extended photo session.

The West Riding Yeomanry

Our EuroFed vehicles were co-opted into the Hammer’s Slammers universe by John Treadaway a while back to create the West Riding Yeomanry. I’ve finally put together a painted unit of my own and added this as another HS detachment option on the website. The detachment of seven vehicles and three infantry elements comes complete with vehicle crew figures, stowage and other bits and pieces.


The WRY require one new vehicle option, a gatling armed version of the Montsabert hover tank. John created his own originally by using the secondary gatling weapons and fitting those to the main turret, but we’ve now created a proper version.

New Vehicles
HS15-414 – Larminat Heavy Tank – £11.00
HS15-415 – Shamont Hovertank – £8.00
SF15-401f – Weygand Missile Tank – £8.00
SF15-401g – Montsabert Gatling Tank – £8.00

Detachment Packs
HS15-201 – West Riding Yeomanry Strike Detachment – £62.00
HS15-301 – Alaudae Armoured Detachment – £75.00
HS15-302 – Alaudae Heavy Armoured Detachment – £66.00
HS15-303 – Alaudae Infantry Detachment – £47.00

Ride ’em, Cowboy !

Another item slightly delayed by our recent burst of being-very-busy are these rather fetching 15mm SF mounted troops. It would be wrong to call them cavalry, they’re more correctly mounted infantry, and would be very popular on worlds with rugged terrain or a shortage of fuel. Horses – and presumably lizards – are after all cheap to run (just a decent supply of food and water), reliable and good at rough terrain.


There are three types of rider and two mounts. We have low-tech humans in the form of South African infantry in bush hats and fully armoured PacFed troopers as well, both mounted in horses. We also have alien Yenpalo figures mounted on some rather ferocious looking Raptor-like lizards, all sculpted by Martin Baker.


The website is set up so that you can swap the mounts, so you can buy either human figure type with lizards or the Yenpalo with horses if you wish.


SF15-665 – SAC Mounted Infantry (x2) – £3.00
SF15-755 – PacFed Mounted Infantry (x2) – £3.00
SF15-1105 – Yenpalo on Lizards (x2) – £3.00