Another little building

Just seven days to Salute and counting …

Amongst all the other jobs of last weekend I managed to make the first castings of another new 6mm building. A second tower for our desert building range. Its shown below with the existing small tower for scale purposes.


I’ve also just finished the mould for the second of our new 15mm hi-tech buildings. Hopefully I’ll do the first casting tonight or tomorrow so expect a preview once its popped out of the mould.

Two weeks and counting …

Two weeks and counting … well, slightly less in fact, just 13 (count ’em !) days until Salute. Which is all a bit scary, it seems to have crept up on us again. We’re on stand TM04 – go in the main entrance, turn immediately right and walk to the far wall – we’re four stands down.

We’re finalising our new releases for the show – we know pretty much what we’ll have, and it’s quite an impressive list, around forty new models. And it might be more, as I never know if Phil’s going to turn up at the last minute with a new mould that he’s managed to squeeze in !

British Spaceships
We’ll have the first batch of ten models available, along with two fleet packs.

Indonesian Fighters
We’ll have the two new Indonesian fighters for Squadron Commander, also ideal as air support for …

6mm SF Vehicles
Phil’s finishing off the moulds for a grand total of ten Indonesian vehicles, plus army and company packs.

15mm SF Vehicles
We’ll have the remastered German Thor MBT and Lynx APC available, along with the EuroFed Montsabert and Tassigny (all with several turret variants). Stock of these may not be great.

6mm SF Buildings
We’ll have a number of new models in the Desert Buildings range – I don’t know exactly what yet, it depends on what Phil gets done !

15mm SF Buildings
We should have the first of the new City buildings available, and possibly more (who knows).

28mm Great War
We’ll have the Belgian refugees ready at last.

Of course we’ll have stock of all of the recent new releases – the Pommerania, PacFed vehicles, 2mm buildings etc. And don’t forget that we also carry Angel Barracks’ 6mm (figures only) at shows too.

Show Orders
We’re happy to take advance orders to be collected at the show. If you want to pay in advance, you can place an order from the website; go to the online ordering page and select ‘Collect in Person’, then place and pay for your order as normal. This won’t charge any postage costs, and then you can just turn up on the day and collect your items. Please get any show orders in by the end of Thursday 11th April, otherwise we may not have time to complete them.

Obviously you can’t order any of the new releases this way since they aren’t on the website yet (and we haven’t published any prices yet either). If you want to reserve any of these, or you want to make an advanced order but pay on the day, e-mail us and we’ll get back to you with a total cost.

Off to the shipyards …

Several British spaceships were today spotted making their way towards the Brigade shipyards, ready for moulding. Most of the fleet were there, although the new Fisher-class dreadnoughts were conspicuous by their absence (the real reason ? I left the Fisher file out of the package I sent to the printers … :-(). We’ve also had to get the fighters reprinted (I got the scaling all wrong and they were far too large – not doing very well, am I ?).

But the rest of the fleet is looking good now that the prints have been cleaned up and the gun turrets attached. Let the mould-making commence !

(top to bottom) Heavy Cruiser, Battleship, Battlecruiser


Minesweeper, light cruiser and destroyers

More little buildings

A few more 6mm building previews today.

First up is small commercial unit with a loading bay.

loading baySecond is a square building. I’m not sure whether its meant to be anything in particular but it will be useful if you have a pressing need for a square building in your town.

square buliding

And finally I’ll let you decide what Tony was thinking of when he designed the third one……

double dome



Swabhuana Paksa*

More cool previews today – these are the first new models for Squadron Commander for a while, and the first sculpted digitally.


The two models are the Pedang interceptor (top) and Kampak attack fighter (bottom) – the names mean ‘Sword’ and ‘Axe’ respectively.

We’re aiming for a Salute release alongside the Indonesian ground forces, for which these would make perfect air support elements.



* – “The Wings of The Motherland”; motto of the Indonesian Air Force

Building previews

As part of our build-up for Salute in April (one month to go and so much still to do) I’m working my way through the stack of un-released building models that we have. I’ve moulded the first couple and made a few test castings.

First up is a little version of our 15mm Villa. Its actually been hanging around for quite a while and I’ve finally got around to making a mould….

little villas

Second is the first of our more “hi-tech” Sci-fi buildings in 15mm. Like our existing buildings these will also be available in 6mm.

hi-tech 1

hi-tech 2


Both will be available at Salute.

Bonjour !

More previews today; as we continue in our ongoing plan to replace all of our existing 15mm range with new, remastered and rescaled models, I’ve been working on on of our most popular armies, the European Federation. The first two vehicles are the Montsabert tank and Tassigny APC, with a variety of turrets.





The hulls and main turrets have already gone off to be printed, so hopefully we should be able to show you the models and side-by-side comparisons with the old versions soon.

Royal Navy Reinforcements

Following on from our preview of the digital models of the Royal Space Navy a little while back, we’ve completed the last of the modelling and are pretty much ready to get the masters printed. We’re waiting on a sample print of the light cruiser just to make sure everything looks about right, then we’ll be sending the final versions off for prototyping.

There are several new models in addition to the initial set; firstly the Fisher class Dreadnought, a very rough draft of which has been lurking in our forums for ages. This newer version takes its styling from the other models with the addition of lots of turrets. There are several options for the chin weapon mount, including a short flight deck for a fighter squadron or two.


The next new ship is the Majestic class carrier. This is based on the battleship lower hull and engines.


And if there’s a carrier, there have to be fighters – these are as yet unnamed, but we’re very likely to draw on traditional British fighter aircraft to name them. They may not look super-detailed, but don’t forget they’re only 8-9mm long.


Finally, some unique to the British fleet, a mine warfare vessel – it both detects and sweeps mines using the phased array antennae on the hull front, and has the capacity to lay mines from the port and starboard mine ejection hatches.


We’re still looking at a Salute release if all goes well.