No, really, this is your final, final chance …

salute2014logoAfter doing a few other jobs, I leave tomorrow morning for the workshop at around 10am. In my hands I would like to be clutching any last minute pre-orders for Salute. If you’ve already placed your order, then it’s already waiting in the workshop – we’re ahead of schedule for once on that. But you still have, well, roughly 12 hours from the time of this post to get an e-mail to me or make an order through the website (select the Collect in Person option to avoid shipping charges).

Below is the latest list. It’s not quite as we expected it to be – that’s a long story involving the delivery of a batch of the wrong moulds by our mould supplier, which has played havoc with our planning – but it’s a very strong line-up of new products to be released on a single day.

We’re still confident that this list will get longer – the astute amongst you will have noticed that the 15mm Neo-Soviet vehicles are not on this list. We’re still confident of getting them released in time, and we already have a big pile of resin castings for the tank and APC hulls, but we’re still awaiting one or two last moulds that should appear this week before being absolutely certain (I wouldn’t want to put them up here and have to pull them at the last minute). And British starship captains may also find that there’s something for them too, if you visit us on the day …

15mm Rules
Gruntz – £20.00
PMC-2640 – £20.00
Don’t forget that if you buy any set of 15mm rules, we’ll give you 10% off any vehicles or figures that you buy at the same time.

15mm Vehicles
SF15-103 – Artemis MICV – £8.00
SF15-712 – Raeside Utility Grav – £4.00
SF15-712a – Raeside with stowage rack – £4.00
SF15-712b – Raeside Pickup – £4.00
SF15-712c – Raeside with MG Turret – £4.00
SF15-712d – Raeside with missile turret – £4.00

15mm SF Advanced Accessories
SF15-906 – Vehicle Stowage – £2.50

15mm SF Advanced Buildings
B300-204 – Small workshop – £6.00
B300-205 – Large workshop – £7.00
B300-206 – Garage – £12.50

15mm SF Bunkers
B15-1003 – Checkpoint Bunkers – £5.00
B15-1004 – Command Bunker – £8.00

6mm Advanced Buildings
B300-201 – Small dwelling – £1.00
B300-202 – Medium dwelling – £1.25
B300-203 – Large dwelling – £1.25
B300-204 – Small workshop – £1.00
B300-205 – Large workshop – £1.00
B300-206 – Garage – £1.50
B300-207 – Large Building – £1.75
B300-208 – Small apartments – £2.00
B300-209 – Large apartment block – £3.00
BP300-201 – Advanced Buildings pack (one of each) – £12.50

6mm Desert Buildings
B300-107 – Large Tower – £4.00

2mm Buildings
SSS-032 – T2 Hangar – £2.00

We’ve been previewing a number of these models recently, but we’re well aware that we still haven’t previewed everything – we do like to keep the odd surprise up our sleeves 🙂

Boxes, boxes …

One thing obvious on most military vehicles is a huge amount of clutter and stowage. Another new item in our 15mm range is a set of stowage items – fuel cans, ammo boxes, weapons cases and other paraphernalia. You get six different sprues, three of fuel cans and three of boxes, per pack. Released at Salute in just a week’s time (is it really that close !?).


SF15-906 – Vehicle Stowage – £2.50

The Goddess of the Hunt and Last Chances

This post title sounds like it should be a Celtos one, but in fact it refers to Artemis, the Greek deity, and also the name of the British MICV in our SF vehicle ranges. As part of the ongoing revamp of our 15mm range this is another one to have been remodelled, and it will be available at Salute as an early release – it won’t be on the website until several weeks afterwards – so if you want any, you’d better make sure you pick some up at the show unless you want to wait a bit.

On another note – originally we’d said that today would be the last chance to place your orders for Salute, however we’ve decided to extend this to the end of Sunday. Phil will be working the vulcaniser hard making moulds and I’ll be pouring rubber to make more resin items available. We’ll be previewing more new items over the weekend and publishing an updated release list for the day as new moulds appear.



SF15-103 – Artemis MICV – £8.00

Raeside Utility Truck

A slightly later post this morning, I was waiting for these to come out of the mould! Another addition to our Salute line-up is the PacFed Raeside utility vehicle family. This small but nippy little grav vehicle comes in several types, included a pickup and an armed version with twin-MG or missile turret (the same turrets as the Minigwal recce vehicle – unfortunately I didn’t have any to hand when taking these photos).

The unarmed variants are also ideal as civilian or police vehicles.


Available at Salute on April 12th priced at £4.00 each.

SF15-712 – Raeside Utility Grav
SF15-712a – Raeside with stowage rack
SF15-712b – Raeside Pickup
SF15-712c – Raeside with MG Turret
SF15-712d – Raeside with missile turret

T2 Hangar

We recently released the RAF Fighter Base in our 2mm scenery range. Now you can upgrade the base with the addition of one or more T2 Hangars to supplement the smaller blister hangars in the set. With a width of almost 120′ this can accommodate much larger aircraft and expand your base to handle bombers.



This resin model is another one due for release at Salute priced at £2.00

Oliver’s Army

This is Checkpoint Charlie – and it’s most certainly not cracking a smile. It’s a pair of small armed bunkers which form a standardised road checkpoint. Together with a pair of reinforced barriers it can be used to block up a road and force any ground vehicles to come to a halt. And if anyone decides to take matters into their own hands and tries to break through, a pair of tri-barrel gatling cannons will make them think again!



Checkpoint Charlie will be released at Salute 2014, and then on the website soon after – price £5.00. It’s also possible to exchange the gatling mounts for other small weapon mounts from some of our other 15mm vehicles (such as those on the Tassigny APC) although the mounting holes will have to be drilled out to accommodate the larger turret rings of these weapons.

High-rise Downtown

You know those buildings we previewed yesterday ? Well, that’s not all – there are three more larger buildings to finish off the set. There are two small blocks of apartments or offices, and a larger single-storey building.


Resin isn’t the easiest thing to photograph, especially in dodgy light with a phone, but hopefully you can see the details.

Once again, release is set for Salute.

Seen these before ?


You might think you have – they’re some of our SF advanced buildings. But these are slightly different … they’re quite a bit smaller than the 15mm versions that you’re thinking of. We’ve been promising to make these in 6mm for a while, and we’ve finally got there. And there are more …


These are the very first castings from new moulds, so there is the odd flaw and air bubble, but I’m so chuffed to get these out that I wanted to show them off, warts ‘n’ all.

Due for release in a couple of weeks at Salute.

A Fine Haul

I spent part of yesterday doing some resin casting, taking advantage of the relatively fine weather to work outside (in the UK, ‘fine weather’ = ‘not raining today’). Below is the result of my labours (most of it, anyway) – a pile that now needs sorting into storage boxes for Salute.


And yes, in amongst them there are a number of new release items that you may not have seen before – more details of these in days to come …

It’s Been a While …

Ages, and ages (and ages) ago we previewed some masters of our Neo-Soviet SF vehicles in 15mm (here and here). Some of the prototypes even got as far as seeing action, but only glimpses of it. In fact it was two years ago (two years !) that we first showed these. This is a long time, even by our glacial standards, for something to reside in Development Hell.

But, what’s this ? Could it be …






We’re not quite there yet (the APCs are awaiting their metal hatches, and I forgot to cast up enough gatling secondary turrets for this photo !) but, so nearly …

Bizon. Kunitsa. Laska. Rosomakha. 15mm. April 12th, Salute 2014.