15mm Tank Crew

We’ve just had back these pictures of some new 15mm tank crew that are being sculpted for us. There are five different torsos, with three different head variants (bone-dome helmet, beret and Soviet-style soft padded helmet). With a bit of judicious chopping and swapping we’ll have three different packs of crew.

All of our new 15mm vehicle models will have separate hatches, so there will be no excuse for not putting tank commanders in them, a perfect target for snipers !



6mm sneak peek….

Since I had the house to myself at the weekend I spent a large part of Saturday casting resin stock in preparation for Salute in April. Oh yes I know how to live.

In amongst the pile of moulds were a couple of as yet un-released 6mm scenic items. I’ve not finished all of the moulds for the models yet but I thought I’d offer them up for a quick preview.

6mm bridges

More details (and better pictures) in a couple of weeks. Currently aiming for a release at Salute.

Minigwal first casting

Well its not actually the first casting since it took a few spins to debug the mould. But its the first decent casting from the master mould of the new 15mm PacFed Minigwal fast attack vehicle.


I need to make a couple of production moulds before we release it but at the moment we’re scarily on target for a February release for the next two of the PacFed tanks.

The Senior Service

At the very end of our Twelve days of Christmas blog series, we previewed some early work-in-progress shots of the British Royal Navy spaceships. I’ve been working on these for the last 2-3 weeks, and the initial batch are pretty much finished and ready for prototyping now, so we thought we’d show you how they’ve developed.

Some of the detailing has altered (the engines in particular) and there’s more in the way of very small detail greeblies to come. The very large (light blue) turrets will be separate parts, the smaller mounts (green) will be cast as part of the hulls. Other than the battleship, all of the hulls will be one piece.

Churchill class Battleship

Inflexible class Battlecruiser

County class Heavy Cruiser and Town class Light Cruiser

Destroyer, Frigate and Corvette

There are still more models to be done – a dreadnought, carrier and fighters, plus maybe some other smaller craft.

Size Matters

The German vehicles we previewed the other day are the first of our new wave of 15mm items that will replace existing older models. One of the aims is to scale-up the 15mm range – the older models were made at 1/120th scale, but the newer ones are 1/100th scale, which seems to be the accepted scale for 15mm figures. I took the opportunity the other to take a couple of comparison photos of the old and new models next to each other to make it clear what this means.

Although the scale increase is only 20%, the effect is more dramatic when applied to all three dimensions – each model is almost 70% larger in total volume, and we’ve also extensively redesigned the models with much more detail and improved styling. Overall, we feel they look much, much better than the old designs – see (and tell us) what you think.





Celtos Base-ics

We do like to start a post with a nice pun in the title.

Celtos Logo

Hopefully you will have seen the announcement before Christmas about a new version of the Celtos rules. What seems to have intrigued some is the new bases, and just what kind of game Celtos is going to become.

We like big games. A big table, lots of nice scenery, loads of figures. And the Celtos figures are so nice it’s a shame not to have lots of them on table. The old Celtos rules work well, but for larger games (100+ figures per side) they do get a bit cumbersome. The tipping point came a while back when we played a big Fomorians vs Gaels game (you can see some photos on Germy’s own website – it’s the second of the Celtos battle reports). Even with a full 7-hour club meeting (allowing for setting-up/clearing up time) we were unable to completely finish the battle, so we decided it was time to look at speeding things up a bit.

Fomorian Blood Reavers

After some thought, rather than just tinkering round the edges it was decided to start again from the ground up with a completely new set of rule mechanics, using units on bases rather than the individual models of the previous rules. Each base holds a warband of 10 foot figures, or alternatively 3/4 mounted figures or monsters, or a single large model such as a chariot. We decided on figure removal to indicate casualties, so figures aren’t fixed to the base (which means there’s no need to rebase all of your figure collection).

The bases themselves are 120mm in diameter – oddly enough, exactly the same size as a CD (what a coincidence !). We’re in the process of producing resin cast bases with slots to fit the right number of figures for each unit type, but in the meantime all of our playtesting has taken place on home-made CD bases, and these are perfectly acceptable.

Each base moves and fights as a single unit, including any hero or other special character (there are exceptions, but we’ll deal with those another time). Combat uses an opposed dice roll mechanism, with each unit throwing a variable number of d10s (usually one per foot figure, but this can be modified by heroes, circumstances such as charging etc) and attempting to score more successes than their opponent. As a unit takes casualties it has fewer dice to throw and thus will get fewer successes.

So far we’ve been playtesting with forces of around 6-7 bases per side and completing games in 2-3 hours – pretty much what we were hoping for. One of the earlier playtests involved larger forces (10-12 units) and we still managed two games in a 6 hour session, although this was before we added magic use and some other special rules.

The Return of the King

We mentioned a while back that an old favourite would be making a return soon. The re-release of the Pommerania class dreadnought is now a step closer with the first successful castings coming out of the master mould last week. All that remains now is to produce the castings for the production moulds, and we’ll be in position to release it by the end of the month (January is starting to look very busy for new releases, with this, the first 15mm PacFed vehicles, more 2mm buildings, and quite possibly even more).





Coming soon

While you’ve been enjoying our Twelve Days of Christmas previews, we’ve been beavering away behind the scenes – mainly on clearing the massive sale backlog (getting there … still quite a few orders to go) but we’ve also been been preparing the way for new releases. As promised, with the New Year comes the first of our new wave of 15mm SF vehicles. We’re finishing off the last of the production moulds for the PacFed vehicles which will be the first to appear – you can see below the first assembled versions of (L-R) the Wombat MICV, Cougar MBT and Ocelot light tank. The Wombat and Cougar will be available in a week or so – just as soon as the last sale orders are clear. The Ocelot will follow soon after, along with the Minigwal recce vehicle. And, of course, there’s the small matter of the Neo-Soviets and Germans to follow, not to mention all the other ranges.


I’m aiming to get these painted for a club meeting at the weekend, but I suspect that the order backlog might get in the way of that !

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …
The Royal Space Navy;
Thank you – we hope you’ve enjoyed our twelve-day preview marathon. Now to get on with making some of these designs real !

Sample designs spaceships from the British Royal Space Navy. These are very much work-in-progress, the destroyers define the style but the rest of the fleet still needs a lot of work. Hopefully the first wave will be ready for Salute in April.