Quick previews

Not one, but two parcels have arrived at Brigade Towers lately, bearing more prints of new models – lots of them. 2mm buildings, 15mm SF vehicles, spaceships and a few odds and ends as well.


It’s going to take me a little while to work through all of them, clean them up and make them ready for moulding (including a dip in the infamous gunk tank), but we thought we’d tempt you with a few previews.

Firstly a 2mm model of St Mawes Castle in Cornwall, a 16th C. castle built by Henry VIII. I made it only because I spotted it in the background of a photo taken by the Brigadieress’ father and decided I wanted to investigate a bit further. It was used in some capacity in just about every war fought by Britain up to and including WW2, so it’s usable in many eras of wargame.


This is a slightly unusual new item – bar armour, as seen fitted to various vehicles in Afghanistan. I’ve build two models, one set with four flat sheets of armour which can be cut and adapted to fit whatever vehicle you like, and another specifically designed to fit our new German Lynx APC. I have to give credit for suggesting the idea to customer David Buckle. We won’t be casting this in metal, instead it’ll be available as a print-on-demand item in our Shapeways store.




Spaceships next – reprints of the British capital ships, plus the impressive looking Dreadnought (which makes the Pommerania look small !) and enough prints of the British fighters to immediately make production moulds.



Lastly, some 15mm previews. The package contained quite a few models – three new hulls and around a dozen turrets. Here you can see a comparison between the new Garibaldi heavy tank hull and the Montsabert (the Garibaldi is a big beast), followed by the British Artemis APC and, probably my favourite from this set, the all new Gallieni tank destroyer.




15mm Previews

With the recent release of the new German 15mm vehicles (and the impending re-release of the EuroFed models) I’ve been working hard lately at redesigning more of our 15mm range (and coming up with new stuff too).

First up, and just about finished is the South-African Rhino wheeled MBT. There are a few details still to be done, but mostly dull stuff like the attachment points for the main gun and wheels. It looks particularly intimidating in the low-down, front-on view. My next project is a 15mm version of the Wildebeest APC, which has not previously been available in this scale.



At Salute we were fortunate to be situated next to Keith Armstrong of Armies Army, and I recently participated in his successful Kickstarter project and picked up a number of his very nice 15mm near-future British infantry figures. This has inspired me to go off and update our British vehicles to give Keith’s figures some transport and armoured support. The Apollo is much more like its 6mm counterpart – I was never really happy with the turret of the old Apollo model, it was too tall and not wide enough, so this version corrects that.


The Artemis has had a much more thorough overhaul, making it bulkier and looking more like something that could carry a full squad of infantry. The turret has also been enlarged, with the same guns as the German Lynx APC showing their origin as fellow members of the ONESS.


Release date ? Don’t know yet. Our first task is to get the British spaceships reprinted and remoulded, and I should be ordering the new prints for those in the next few days. I’ll probably take the opportunity to order some 15mm vehicles at the same time. But the nature of things with our part-time business is that I can make 3D models much faster than we’re able to get them moulded and released, so there will always be a queue.

The Age of the Train

We thought we’d give you a quick look at some more 2mm buildings that we’ve been developing. We’ve taken to the rails (some would say we’ve gone off them) with a set of railway tracks and trackside buildings – stations, platforms, engine sheds, coaling stations etc.


The girder bridge is a one piece item and will be available in our 3D-printed Shapeways store. The rest of the models will be cast in pewter.


This close-up of a platform shows how much detail we’ve managed to build into the tracks themselves. Each track is 0.5mm across, and a sleeper is 3mm in length. A bit overscale, but it’s about as small as we could sensibly go.


The second set is a series of town shops – larger 3-4 story affairs that you can use to create your own bustling town centre.


As always, trying to photograph these models in their raw white state was a nightmare so I’ve tried them after a coat of grey primer, which is slightly better.

Get Your Kicks

So … four more sleeps to Salute !

One of the downsides to running a trade stand at a show, especially one as busy as Salute, is that we don’t get much of a chance to wander round, chat to other traders and games, and also to see the games on offer.

However, this year I will be making a beeline to see one of the largest games planned for this year’s show, in fact one of the largest games we’ve ever seen; South London Warlords’ Route 66 game. This 36-foot long extravaganza is a 15mm SF game depicting the famous Hammers Slammer mercenary unit attempting to break through to a starport on Cullen’s World.

We recently sent some of our new PacFed models to John Treadaway, one of the co-authors of the Hammers Slammers Crucible ruleset, and he’s worked overtime to get them onto the table for Saturday, along with hundreds of other models from other manufacturers. He’s been kind enough to send us a few photos of the (almost) complete models and has let us use post here ahead of the day. So if you’re at Salute, make a beeline for the game, have a long look (you can join in) and then you can wander back over to us to buy some 🙂

vehicles 1 s

vehicles 2 s

both tanks s

command tank s

Another hi-tech building

Five days to go until Salute…….

Very quickly before I bundle the sprogs off to school. I did the first couple of castings of the second of our 15mm “hi-tech” buildings last night.

15mm building 2

Another little building

Just seven days to Salute and counting …

Amongst all the other jobs of last weekend I managed to make the first castings of another new 6mm building. A second tower for our desert building range. Its shown below with the existing small tower for scale purposes.


I’ve also just finished the mould for the second of our new 15mm hi-tech buildings. Hopefully I’ll do the first casting tonight or tomorrow so expect a preview once its popped out of the mould.

Two weeks and counting …

Two weeks and counting … well, slightly less in fact, just 13 (count ’em !) days until Salute. Which is all a bit scary, it seems to have crept up on us again. We’re on stand TM04 – go in the main entrance, turn immediately right and walk to the far wall – we’re four stands down.

We’re finalising our new releases for the show – we know pretty much what we’ll have, and it’s quite an impressive list, around forty new models. And it might be more, as I never know if Phil’s going to turn up at the last minute with a new mould that he’s managed to squeeze in !

British Spaceships
We’ll have the first batch of ten models available, along with two fleet packs.

Indonesian Fighters
We’ll have the two new Indonesian fighters for Squadron Commander, also ideal as air support for …

6mm SF Vehicles
Phil’s finishing off the moulds for a grand total of ten Indonesian vehicles, plus army and company packs.

15mm SF Vehicles
We’ll have the remastered German Thor MBT and Lynx APC available, along with the EuroFed Montsabert and Tassigny (all with several turret variants). Stock of these may not be great.

6mm SF Buildings
We’ll have a number of new models in the Desert Buildings range – I don’t know exactly what yet, it depends on what Phil gets done !

15mm SF Buildings
We should have the first of the new City buildings available, and possibly more (who knows).

28mm Great War
We’ll have the Belgian refugees ready at last.

Of course we’ll have stock of all of the recent new releases – the Pommerania, PacFed vehicles, 2mm buildings etc. And don’t forget that we also carry Angel Barracks’ 6mm (figures only) at shows too.

Show Orders
We’re happy to take advance orders to be collected at the show. If you want to pay in advance, you can place an order from the website; go to the online ordering page and select ‘Collect in Person’, then place and pay for your order as normal. This won’t charge any postage costs, and then you can just turn up on the day and collect your items. Please get any show orders in by the end of Thursday 11th April, otherwise we may not have time to complete them.

Obviously you can’t order any of the new releases this way since they aren’t on the website yet (and we haven’t published any prices yet either). If you want to reserve any of these, or you want to make an advanced order but pay on the day, e-mail us and we’ll get back to you with a total cost.

Off to the shipyards …

Several British spaceships were today spotted making their way towards the Brigade shipyards, ready for moulding. Most of the fleet were there, although the new Fisher-class dreadnoughts were conspicuous by their absence (the real reason ? I left the Fisher file out of the package I sent to the printers … :-(). We’ve also had to get the fighters reprinted (I got the scaling all wrong and they were far too large – not doing very well, am I ?).

But the rest of the fleet is looking good now that the prints have been cleaned up and the gun turrets attached. Let the mould-making commence !

(top to bottom) Heavy Cruiser, Battleship, Battlecruiser


Minesweeper, light cruiser and destroyers

More little buildings

A few more 6mm building previews today.

First up is small commercial unit with a loading bay.

loading baySecond is a square building. I’m not sure whether its meant to be anything in particular but it will be useful if you have a pressing need for a square building in your town.

square buliding

And finally I’ll let you decide what Tony was thinking of when he designed the third one……

double dome



Swabhuana Paksa*

More cool previews today – these are the first new models for Squadron Commander for a while, and the first sculpted digitally.


The two models are the Pedang interceptor (top) and Kampak attack fighter (bottom) – the names mean ‘Sword’ and ‘Axe’ respectively.

We’re aiming for a Salute release alongside the Indonesian ground forces, for which these would make perfect air support elements.



* – “The Wings of The Motherland”; motto of the Indonesian Air Force