Jalesveva Jayamahe*

So today we’re previewing something completely new that I don’t think we’ve even mentioned before, let alone shown off.


These are starships of the Indonesian Space Navy (Ruang Indonesia Angkatan Laut or RIAL). There are six models here – a battlecruiser, carrier, two cruisers and two escorts. We’re still waiting on fighter moulds, which is why the photo of those is a bit ropey – but you can see that they’re nicely formed miniature versions of our two Squadron Commander fighters.

The design style is a bit different, with large vertical forward bridges and lots of heat-radiating fins.

None of the ships have names yet as we’re still a little way from release. Although we have master moulds we still have to cast and cleanup the tins for the production moulds.

*Jalesveva Jayamahe is the motto of the present-day Indonesian navy. Unfortunately it doesn’t really apply here as it translates to ‘On the sea, we are glorious’. If I could work out how to translate the first half to ‘In space’ I would, but various online translations of Sanskrit aren’t up to the job. I’m hoping that at least the RIAL translation is correct! :-S

Coastal Guardians

I’ve been painting up some more of our Small Scale Scenery range lately. These are some forts from the French western coast, all around the La Rochelle/ Rochefort region.

French Forts

Forts Boyard (rear), Louvois (left) and Lupin (right) are all in the Charente-Maritime region, guarding the important naval base at Rochefort.

Due for release in a couple of weeks.

Clear is the New Black

Black standsWe’ve been inundated with spaceship orders in the last day or two, and it’s exhausted our stocks of black flying stands. We ordered several thousand last month but they’re on back order with our suppliers, they’ve been delayed as their mould has had to go off for repairs. When I asked for an idea of when they might be available, the answer was “we don’t know”. So for now we’ll be shipping spaceship orders with clear flying stands instead of black ones, until the new supplies arrive. Apologies for that, but there isn’t a great deal else we can do apart from delays lots of orders.

In the meantime, this is what we’ll be releasing later this week …


Coming Soon

More 15mm previews today. This first one is a German command vehicle based on the hull of the Thor tank. It will come equipped with a radar on the rear (as in the inset 3D image).

Thor Command Blog

The second model is the PacFed Dundas truck. Unfortunately I didn’t have a PacFed skirt handy when photographing it, but it will use the same skirt as the Cougar tank – again, see inset 3D image to see what the final version will look like.

Dundas Blog

Both the Thor Command and Dundas will be released pretty soon.

Finally, a new image of the Rhino and Wildebeest hulls, this time primed so the details are easier to see. These two models are a little further away, although the turrets and metal parts have gone for moulding so we should be able to show assembled versions soon.


Mercenary Reinforcements

The Shaman hover tank is one of the more popular of our recent releases but at the moment it’s rather alone as the only available model in the Mercenary range. However, Zac and Kirk, designers of the Shaman, have come up with some new vehicles to accompany it which we’ll be steadily adding to the Mercs’ armoury.

First up is the Sohei heavy hover tank. It will be available with a choice of gun barrels including gatling, laser and conventional battle cannon.


Next is some transport for the infantry. This is the Magnus APC, a battle taxi type rather than an IFV, equipped with two remote light gun mounts.


For fire support there’s the Ontos, based on the Shaman but with a fixed casemate carrying a fearsome load of six plasma guns.


There are more, but that will do for now 🙂 . Production on these should start soon, so hopefully we’ll get the first of them released in short order.

Across the Serengeti

In the old 15mm range we had just two models from the South African Federation, yet those two consistently sold very well. The old Rhino and Buffel are no longer available, but fear not, their remodelled replacements are just around the corner.

We have new masters for the Rhino (which is a big ol’ tank) and the larger of the SAC APCs, the Wildebeest. The printed masters are not very clear in photographs, so I’ll try to take some photos of primed versions soon so you can see the detail better.



The basic Wildebeest APC has a pintel-mount machine gun (almost invisible in the photo above), so at the same time we’ve taken the opportunity to make up several other pintel weapons. L-R they are a railgun, tri-barrel gatling, MG and six-barrel gatling. These pintel weapons will be available as add-on packs so you can convert/upgrade your vehicles.


I’ll be starting to cleanup and prep these models for moulding in the next week or so with a view to a release in early August. I’ll try to take

Fresh from the Mould

Some brand new stuff here, some of which might not have been seen before.

I’ve been running several new moulds (I’d have done more if it hadn’t starting raining – the English weather, as usual, is alternating between rain and stifling hot) and thought I’d show the results.

We have half-a-dozen new resin items in 6mm and 2mm. There’s a 6mm repair station, munitions bunker and primitive dwelling for the Desert Buildings range:

And three French coastal forts for the 2mm range; Fort Louvois (Marennes, about 6 miles from Rochefort), Fort Lupin (on the Charente estuary leading to Rochefort) and Fort Boyard (in the Pertuis d’Antioche straits, once again guarding the approaches to Rochefort, and instantly recognisable to fans of rubbish 90s TV game shows).


Behind that is an Aeronef hangar – this model is already available from our Shapeways site (and it’s worth considering as the interior has loads of great internal girder detail). Obviously this resin version is a bit more solid, but it will have separate metal external doors and struts, and is designed to handle one of our Schleswig-Holstein digs.

As always, bear in mind these are early castings from brand new moulds so there’s the odd air bubble and bit that still needs to be debugged. The 6mm buildings are in the release schedule for the next 3-4 weeks, while the forts need a metal mould for additional parts (turret tops and towers, etc) so will be a week or two longer. The hangar is pretty imminent …


Phil brought several new moulds to the workshop last week. One was the production mould for a new set of 2mm civic buildings, including a town hall, grammar school, hospital, library and large church. The mould looked good, the castings were excellent and we were really pleased…


Until we looked closely at the church tower. Unfortunately the sides were bowed in and concave on all four sides. We’re not sure if the master model has deformed under pressure or if the print was faulty and we didn’t notice, but it doesn’t really matter, it’s not up to scratch either way.


After some thought we’ve decided to release the set without the church rather than completely scrapping an expensive mould. We’ll get the church reprinted and make a new mould, which will also allow us to create several different variations of the tower. The church-less set will be available at the end of this week (I just need to paint some for photography) and the church later in the summer.


Big Beasts

Had a bit of fun yesterday (in between assembling another batch of thirty vehicle crew…), putting together some more new 15mm vehicle castings. The German Woden family weren’t part of our old range – I always intended them to be but never quite got round to making the masters. However, as the remodelled range grows bigger and bigger I’ve taken the chance to upscale some of my favourite 6mm models. These three tanks are pretty big beasts and would dominate any battlefield. We’re looking at a release in the next month or so.


The Definition of Tedium

If you’ve been looking closely at some of our new vehicle previews and releases, you might have spotted that a few of them have crew figures in. All of our vehicles have been designed with separate hatches in anticipation of the day when we released our own crew figures. That day is coming ever closer – we’re looking at a release in a few weeks’ time.





The figures were commissioned as separate heads and bodies – five different torsos and three types of head gear. We cast these pieces, and then the heads need to be attached to the necks of the torsos to make the complete figures. Sounds simple, except there are three moulds (one per head gear type) and thirty figures in a mould – a total of ninety figures to be assembled. So one-hundred and eighty parts to be inspected, mould lines cleaned up, holes drilled in necks, heads glued in, and green stuff putty to fill any gaps. I’m doing them in batches of thirty, one mould at a time, I’m not sure I have the patience to do all ninety at once !




We’re currently aiming for a mid-June release, assuming I haven’t tired of gluing little heads on little necks by then !