Cavalier 2017

Our next show is on Sunday 26th – Cavalier in Tonbridge, Kent, just a few miles down the road from Brigade Towers.

For this particular long-standing show we’re in the same position again, a couple stands along from the entrance to the trade hall on the right. We again have a smaller stand than usual, which means being able to carry and display slightly less. So, this is what we’re hoping to have with us:

  • Spaceship fleet packs plus some of the new Neo-Soviet models
  • Aeronef fleet packs and some individual battleships (including all of the new models)
  • A full range of 15mm individual vehicles and packs of figures
  • A full range of 6mm army packs, company packs and building packs
  • A full range of individual Celtos figures, small unit blisters and medium army packs
  • The full range of 2mm Small Scale Scenery items
  • The full Magpie Miniatures range
  • Imperial Skies rulebooks and accessories
  • Great War Belgians
  • Squadron Commander blisters
  • A selection of Shapeways 3D-printed items

We will not be bringing:

  • Any individual spaceships, Aeronef or 6mm models unless noted above
  • 15mm buildings or building packs
  • 15mm platoon packs or Hammer’s Slammers army packs
  • Celtos Large Army packs
  • 10mm Buildings
  • Individual Squadron Commander models
  • Iron Stars

If you would like us to bring anything on the list above, please drop us a line by Wednesday and we’ll see what we can do.

We won’t be able to display everything – so if you can’t find it on the stand, please ask, we’ll have it somewhere behind with us.

Maidstone Wargames Society will also be there, running our new Fenris Descending participation game for the first time. Hordes of Robots…

Back Again

Back from my break, today’s first task is to tackle the order backlog which has built up while I’ve been away. Hopefully this should be cleared within a week or so.

I’ve been in Menorca, which has a much richer military history than I realised. Of special interest are the network of defensive towers, very similar to Martello towers, dotted around the coast. There are fourteen in all (plus one other which has been incorporated into a larger fortress). Expect to see at least some of these, plus other buildings that I’ve spotted which have given me ideas, popping up in the Small Scale Scenery range. In fact, it seems that Menorca is a favoured spot for Inspiration Particles, as I’m returning with a head (and notebook) full of ideas, some of which will come to fruition, others will be consigned to the ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ dustbin.



In other matters, we seem to have a small pocket of missing/undelivered orders, including some Imperial Skies ones. At first glance some of these appear to be from a large batch which was posted on the same day – I’ll be doing some investigating when I get a chance. In the meantime, if anyone has not received an order or their Imperial Skies pledge, please either e-mail us or in the case of Imperial Skies, you can contact Robin via the KS page and he’ll pass it onto me.

We have one more show to go this year – Crisis in Antwerp on November 5th – so now seems like a good time to post a reminder about pre-orders. You can select the Collect in Person option on our website, then create your order as normal in the shopping cart, pay for it by PayPal or credit card, but without any postage charges. Alternatively, you can just e-mail us a list and pay by cash on the day. Because of geographical restrictions on our credit card machine, I cannot take card payments at Crisis, just cash (sterling or euros).

Right-o, off to the workshop to fire up the forges…

Blast-tastic! 2016

It’s rather short notice, but on Saturday our autumn round of shows resumes with our third visit to Bristol for Blast-tastic!, organised by Michael at Angel Barracks.

This is a sci-fi themed show, so we will be carrying the 6mm and 15mm ranges, spaceships, Squadron Commander, Aeronef models and of course we’ll have Imperial Skies at a show for the first time. We’ll also bring the 2mm scenery range since these complement the Aeronef and Land Ironclads models. We will not be taking Celtos, Great War or Magpie Miniatures.

Next weekend it’s SELWG at Crystal Palace, then a Stoke Rochford weekend on the 21st/22nd/23rd before we round off the year with our annual trip to Crisis in Antwerp on November 5th.


Show Time 2016

For us, the autumn show circuit starts soon. We have two shows coming up in the near future – Hereward Wargames Show in Peterborough on Sunday September 4th, and Colours at Newbury Racecourse on the following Saturday, the 10th.

Hereward Logo

As usual, we’re inviting pre-orders. I’m doing both of these as one-man shows, which means we’re slightly restricted in what we can bring – I don’t have room to take individual stock of 6mm, spaceships or Aeronef, although I do endeavour to have a good stock of starter and fleet packs for those ranges. So if there’s something specific you want to make sure of getting hold of, it’s best to order it in advance.

To make it easier to place show orders, you can select the Collect in Person option on our website when placing an order. You can then create your order as normal in the shopping cart, pay for it by PayPal or credit card, but without any postage charges. Alternatively, you can just e-mail us a list and pay by cash or card on the day.

A full list of shows that we’re attending can be found on our website.

Just in Time for Sunday

I’ve safely returned from a very pleasant trip to Cyprus – the weather was fantastic and the Brigadieress found us a lovely secluded villa (although the less said about the hire car saga, the better…). Obviously a backlog of orders has built up while I’ve been away – Phil has tackled some, and I cleared a dozen or so of the smaller ones yesterday. I’d estimate that we should be up to date with orders by the end of next week (obviously any attempt to see the end of the order queue is complicated by the fact that we get a constant trickle of new orders all the time, so it’s a bit of a moving target).

In case you needed reminding, the Joy of Six show is on Sunday. We have plenty of new releases in 6mm which we’ll be taking with us, including the Kirin and colony base. We’ll also have some as-yet unreleased items. The first is another scale down of a recent 15mm release – this time the Larminat heavy laser tank. Based on a mating of the Sohei turret on an extended Garibaldi chassis, it’s another Big Tank with a Big Gun.


We also have two new buildings in our desert range which you may have spotted in the background of recent photos. The larger of the two is a largish house with a garage attached by a corridor. It also has a small tower in one corner. The other building is a simpler design, with a central dome and arched entrance.

At the same time, I’ve also (finally!) uploaded the 6mm Kirin to the website, so you can now buy online if you can’t make the show.

Now I did mention that we’d have something special up our sleeves for Sunday – and so we have. But I’m not saying anything about it, you’ll have to come and find us at the show to see what it is 🙂

Joy of Six Reminder


I’ve been beset by niggling technical problems in recent weeks, with the latest being a PC that refuses to come out of hibernation and has ended up having to be reinstalled (I’m getting to be a dab hand at Windows 7 installations). Fortunately I keep all of my data on an external hard-drive (backed up to a second one), so no data is lost, it’s just the aggro of reinstalling all of my software, remembering passwords to websites etc. This is my excuse for not having posted so far this week, but I’m catching up now while I watch Windows install.

This evening’s post is a reminder about pre-orders for the Joy of Six show in Sheffield in just over two weeks’ time. Since Jo6 is a 6mm-themed show, I will only be bringing our 6mm SF range, plus Squadron Commander (as this is also 6mm scale) and the 2mm Small Scale Scenery range (since I know that at least one game at the show will be using our buildings alongside 6mm figures). I should have a good stock of both packs and individual models for those ranges, including 6mm vehicles, figures and buildings and SCR starter packs, blisters and individual models. I’ll also have Osprey’s new Horizon Wars rules and Legionnaire Games’ Strike Legion books.

I can also bring orders for any of our other ranges, but I will need to know in advance. Because I will be going on a family holiday before the show, I need any more pre-orders for collection at the show by the end of Monday next week at the latest (July 4th) so that I have time to process them before I leave – so you only have five more days to get them to me (usual email address, or you can order via the website using the Collect in Person option).


I will have our recent new 6mm buildings (the Colony Base and Research Base) in stock, plus some more that are yet to be released. There will also be new 6mm vehicles which we’ve been previewing lately, including the eagerly awaited 6mm Kirin.


And most exciting of all, we’re hoping to have something completely new that only arrived this week, and which Phil will be hopefully be putting into moulds while I’m away. But that’s all I’m saying about that, just in case…

Broadside Update

Ever get the feeling it’s not going to be your day? Around a mile or two from home this morning, the Brigade Battlebus suffered a driveshaft failure and had to be rescued by the AA. With Broadside looming in the morning, this isn’t great timing (to say the least). The Brigadieress has very kindly offered a loan of her car tomorrow and we’ll also cram more into Phil’s, so we will still be able to have a presence at the show. But our cargo capacity is still much reduced, and we will have to cut down on what we’re able to bring. We won’t know exactly what until we load up later this evening, but I suspect it means we will have to leave behind the individual stock of some ranges (probably 6mm, Aeronef and Spaceships as these take up a lot of transport space). We will still bring the fleet/company/army packs for these ranges, and stock for the other main ranges (Celtos, 2mm buildings, 15mm SF, Great War) shouldn’t be affected. If there’s something in particular you’re after that we’re unable to bring with us, we’ll arrange for that to be sent to you post free.


There may also be a knock-on effect to mail order as well – the workshop is quite a distance from home and I have no way to get there without a car. So depending on when I can arrange for a repair, there may be some delays.

Other than that, I’ve had quite a good day… :-/

Broadside 2016

Our next show is just five days away – it’s our local show, Broadside in Sittingbourne. We will have a full range of stock with us, but as always we appreciate getting pre-orders in advance since it allows us to plan what to take and ensures we have enough stock of whatever you need. I’ll be at the workshop casting stock over the next couple of days, so if you could send in any orders by midday on Thursday 9th of June that would be splendid.

Since we’re on the subject of shows, this is as good a time as any to post a reminder about pre-orders for The Joy of Six in July. Since this is a 6mm event, we will only be bringing the 6mm SF range, Squadron Commander and the 2mm buildings range. However, we welcome pre-orders for any of the other ranges – just let us know in advance and we’ll bring your order with us. Because of holidays, we need these orders well in advance of the show, preferably by the end of June, as I won’t have any time between returning from my holiday and setting off for the show.


Kicking Off the Season

Salute 2015_800x600

Our first show of 2016 is Cavalier in Tonbridge, in just under two weeks’ time. This is a show we haven’t been to for a few years, which is daft since it’s only a few miles down the road! For this show we have smaller stand than normal which will affect what we can display and the stock we’re able to bring. We’re hoping to cram as much as we can behind the stand, and the plan is to bring the following:

  • Aeronef – starter packs and fleet packs, no individual models
  • Spaceships – fleet packs only, no individual models
  • 15mm – full range of vehicles and figure packs, no buildings
  • 6mm – army and company packs, buildings, no individual vehicles
  • Celtos – full range of packs and individual models
  • 2mm Buildings – full range
  • Great War Belgians – full range
  • Magpie Miniatures – full range
  • Shapeways – full range

Not everything will be on display, so you might need to ask to see some items.

Unfortunately carrying full stock of models for all of the ranges will simply require too much space, so if you would like any individual spaceships, Aeronef or 6mm vehicles, 15mm buildings or anything from ranges which aren’t listed above, please contact us before the show with your requirements and we’ll bring them with us.

Show Business 2016

We’ve been compiling our show calendar for the coming year now that the Christmas holiday is out of the way. We’re planning to attend all of the shows we went to last year, and have a couple of additions to the list.

Salute 2015_800x600

We kick off with one of these – we’re returning to Cavalier in Tonbridge for the first time in a few years at the end of February. This has been a last minute booking and we’re grateful to the organiser Alan Butler for slotting us in. We have a smaller stand than usual so we’ll have to decide what we take with us – there won’t be room for everything.

The other new show in our calendar takes us oop north, to the Joy of Six in Sheffield in July. This (as the name suggests) is a 6mm themed event, so again we’ll have a smaller stand with all of the 6mm range and maybe a few other bits and pieces.

We will of course take orders in advance for anything that we aren’t able to take to these or any other show – simply send us an email with what you require, or you can order and pay via the website using the ‘Collect in Person’ shipping option.

Full details of our show list, along with the ranges that we bring to each one, can be found on the website ‘Shows’ page.