That’s all – finally!

So the sale is over for another year – we’ve finally disabled the code, a bit later than planned (we’ve had a few extra orders today, obviously we’ll honour the sale discount on those). There were also some annoying issues with an update to the WordPress editor that stopped us posting this morning :-/

The response to the last few days of the sale was unexpected to say the least – the value of the orders placed between Friday and Sunday was more than we took in the whole of October ! This means that we may have difficulty clearing the entire queue before we break for Christmas. We will do our best, but some of the orders that arrived towards the back end of Sunday may not quite make it out until the New Year. We’ll keep you all updated…

Shapeways Cyber Monday Sale

Shapeways are having a one day sale today – if you fancied grabbing anything from our Shapeways store (or anyone else’s, but mostly ours 🙂 ), now is the time.

Back to Black

Why, it’s Black Friday ! We sometimes get asked if we have any special Black Friday deals – to which the answer is no, we don’t as such. However, this seems like a good time to post a reminder about the ongoing Christmas Sale, which has been up and running for the past week and still has over three weeks to go. You can save 15% off all of our models including Aeronef, Spaceships, Celtos, Hammer’s Slammers, 6mm and 15mm sci-fi vehicles, Squadron Commander, Small Scale Scenery and the rest. We don’t restrict our sale to just one day…

For more details, see the website.

This is also as good a time as any for a status update; the sale response has been very good so far this year, so much so that I must admit I am struggling to keep up. Over the three days of the weekend we took as much in orders as I’d expect in a fortnight any other time of the year. I’m currently working flat out and, although I haven’t caught up much, the good news is that the backlog is at least fairly static and not getting any bigger ! By the end of today I expect to have cleared everything from the weekend and be making inroads into the orders placed on Monday and Tuesday.

Christmas Sale 2018

So it’s already that time again – the Brigade Christmas Sale starts today ! I’ve uploaded the graphics, tested the shopping cart and it all seems to be working, so we’re ready to roll.

As we have in the last couple of years, we’re starting the sale now and it’s due to run for just over four weeks, until Sunday December 16th. This should allow customers overseas to place their orders and receive them in time for Christmas, and it also allows us to get everything cleared and out of the way before our own holidays so we don’t have to come back to a huge order backlog in January.

It’s the same format as we’ve run for many a year now – 15% off pretty much everything that we make (there are some exclusions – see the Christmas Sale page on the website for full details). You have thirty days starting now, so get to it ! Please share this post on social media, mailing lists, forums etc.


That’s All For Now, Folks!

So the Christmas sale is all over for another year; I pulled the plug at 7am on Monday, allowing a small flurry of last minute orders to sneak under the line earlier that morning.

Assuming all goes to plan, I should just about get all sale orders shipped by the end of this week, although I will be hard pushed to get to any others that arrive between now and Friday. Everything up to December 11th has already gone (apart from one which is waiting on a restock of etched brass parts) and there’s another pile of parcels which I’ll take to the post office later this morning. The one possible fly in the ointment is that I’m obviously burning through metal supplies much faster than usual, and although I ordered more last week, I don’t know when that will arrive – if it doesn’t get here by Thursday then I will run out, and production will simply have to stop until it does turn up.

Thoughts are already turning to the start of next year and the first 2018 releases. Unusually, we’re ahead of the game as far as new models go; we have everything planned from now until March, design work is all finished and we have most of the masters in hand. One of the early releases will be a batch of 15mm Slammers models, filling in a few gaps and increasing the options available to both Hammer’s regiment and other forces. Below you can see a couple of new variants of the standard M9 combat car; on the left is the M9A14 crew car used by the Lightning Division, which is essentially a modified command car with a pair of gatling turrets on the roof.

On the right is the M9A10 cargo car, an open backed flatbed GEV transport. Some units use a variant (the M9A16) fitted with a calliope turret mounting eight 2cm powerguns for air defence – we’ll release this at the same time, I just didn’t have a photo of one assembled. This photo was taken just before the masters went into a mould, so I might be able to sneak out a couple of castings by the end of the week.