Shapeways Free Shipping


Recently Shapeways offered free shipping for US customers; now that has been extended to the whole world. But only until Sunday 12th, so be quick. It would be remiss of us not to point you at the Brigade3D Shapeways Shop, with our collection of Power Pylons, Comms Towers, Pegasus Bridge, WW2 Buildings etc. Get in quick !

Shapeways – Free US Shipping

For the whole of June, Shapeways are offering free US shipping for new customers. So if you’ve been put off in the past from buying one or two bits by the shipping charges, here’s your chance to try out 3D printed products.


Here’s the text, straight from their e-mail:

For the first time ever, we’re offering Free US Shipping for all new Shapeways customers this month. That’s right – whether they’re making their own products or buying from your shop, shipping to the United States via USPS is on us with promo code FIRSTFREE.

So, click on the logo below to go to the Brigade Shapeways shop see what we have to offer – just remember to enter the promo code when you check out:


Last Chance Saloon


It’s the last day of our sale. 24 hours to bag a bargain, the sale comes off the website at midnight GMT today. This is your last chance to get 15% off our spaceships, 6mm or 15mm SF vehicles, Aeronef, Land Ironclads, 2mm Buildings, Celtos, WW1 Belgians, Magpie miniatures or Squadron Commander.

On Thursday things go back to normal – but of course this means lots of new releases again, and here’s a preview of things to come…


Xmas Sale 2014

So, here we are again – it’s December, which surely means the Brigade Christmas Sale !


As in previous years, it’s a straightforward 15% discount off everything that we make – no minimum order, just 15% off everything. There are one or things it doesn’t apply to – essentially anything that we don’t make ourselves (so dice and bases, any rulebooks, the Shapeways range) on which our margins are much narrower. Full details are on our website.

The sale will run until the end of the month – midnight GMT on December 31st – so there’s no rush, you have a month to get your orders in.

TMP Xmas 2014

If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you might want to refresh your browser (hit the F5 key or -> reload/refresh on most Windows machines) just before you add the first item to your shopping basket. The shopping cart code is carried in a Java file which can be cached (ie an old version retained) by your browser and in this case the discounts won’t be applied correctly – refreshing the page will force this file to be updated. We are checking every order that comes in and if this does happen to you then don’t worry, we will manually refund the correct discount to you as soon as we can.

Stocking Up for Broadside

Broadside if just a few days away now, so we’re finishing our preparations. The UPS man arrived this morning with a delivery from Shapeways to replenish our stocks of 3D printed power pylons, comms masts, Tesla towers etc …


As well as that I’m alternating between days at the workshop casting metal items, and more resin casting – today it’s Apollo and Shaman hulls (one a new release, the other a big seller), 2mm power stations and hangars and 6mm towers.


We’re going to have a couple of special offers on the day. Firstly, we going to be repeating the offer we ran at Salute – if you buy any set of 15mm rules (Strike Legion:Platoon Leader, Gruntz or PMC-2640) you’ll get 10% off any vehicles and figures you purchase at the same time.


The second offer is on the 6mm Strike Legion series. We’re creating a bundle of the Strike Legion main rulebook and the Genome Gambit and Skunk Works supplements for £35 – buying the three books separately would normally set you back £45, so that’s a £10 saving.


New Rules and Salute Special Offer

This is a great time to be a 15mm SF gamer, there’s a plethora of great figures and there are also many excellent sets of rules to use them with. We already have one of these, Legionnaire Games’ Platoon Leader from their Strike Legion series, and for Salute we’ll be carrying not one, but two more. From Poland we’re extremely pleased to have a number of copies of Assault Publishing’s PMC 2640 rules, and if you want to see how these work, Marcin at AP has put up a free download with the core rule mechanisms for you to try.


And if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be stocking Robin Fitton’s Gruntz ruleset which has gathered a lot of positive reviews and feedback (I think Robin ambushed me while drunk at Stoke Rochford!). You can read much more about Gruntz on Robin’s dedicated website.


Both sets of rules will retail at £20.00.

And so to a special offer at Salute; if you buy any set of 15mm rules (Gruntz, PMC 2640 or Platoon Leader), we’ll give you 10% off any 15mm vehicles or figures that you purchase at the same time, or if you buy any two of the three sets, we’ll make that 20% off any accompanying vehicles or figures. That’s a great chance to snap up a set (or two) of rules and save money on the models to play them with.

The Final Countdown

This is it – by the time you read this there will be less than one day remaining in the sale. 24 hours of 15% off everything on the website (well, nearly everything). Don’t miss out, it’ll be a while to the next one!