Brig​ade Shapeways Store ​- 10% off this week ​only

For this week only, all of the items in our Shapeways store are 10% off. To get this deal you need to e-mail us with your requirements, NOT purchase them directly from the store. We’ll send you a PayPal invoice and at the end of the week we’ll place one big order (this way we all get cheaper shipping as well :-)).

So if you’ve always wanted a 6mm Pegasus bridge, now is the time to get it …

That’s All, Folks !

So the last part of our sale is all done and dusted … and what a sale it’s been ! September is normally a very slow month, no-one has any money after their summer holidays and it’s generally rather quiet on the order front. Not this time. In the last nine days we’ve taken more than double what we’d normally expect for the whole of an average September ! This is a fantastic response to our sale and I guess shows that we must be doing something right. We’ve already had to order in extra supplies of metal and resin to cope with the volume of casting we’ll need to do.

It means that we’re now going to be incredibly busy picking and packing all of these orders and doing any necessary casting ! It will mean that there could be a slightly (EDIT – for slightly, read quite a lot…) longer turnaround than usual on orders, especially larger ones or ones with lots of resin models in (we sold a lot, and I mean a LOT, or our 6mm and 15mm desert buildings). This will probably have a knock-on effect at SELWG where we won’t have time to produce as much stock for the show as we would have liked, so if you’re after any buildings that day it’ll probably be best to pay us an early visit. We also have some new-style 6mm buildings that we were hoping to get out for the show, but they may have to wait until afterwards now (they’re the start of an SF-city range – I’ll preview them on the blog later this week).

What I will bring you this morning is some previews of other new stuff; a new parcel of 3D printed buildings in 15mm, 6mm and 2mm scales turned up this weekend (eventually … the UPS driver managed to leave it in someone else’s rubbish bin on the other side of town, but that’s a long story …). As mentioned above I’ll leave the 6mm buildings for later in the week since they need a little bit of cleaning and assembly work on them first.

The first model is a 15mm version of our 6mm-scale vehicle garage, of which we sell lots and lots so it makes sense to have it in the larger scale as well. The door has been printed in a high-detail material which contrasts with the rough surface of the building.

The rest of this morning’s previews are all in 2mm scale as part of our Land Ironclads range. This batch concentrates mainly on various fortifications, with the odd lighthouse thrown in. First we have the largest of the 2mm models, Fort Boyard (or Bouyard) which is off the west coast of France in the Bay of Biscay. It’s better known as the site of a TV game show, but was in fact built in Napoleon’s time (well, started anyway – it wasn’t finished until 1857). It’s large (as 2mm models go) so will go into production as a resin casting.

The next image is a pair of Martello Towers. These are a common site around the UK coast, but the design was taken from a Genovese tower at Mortella Point on Corsica; in typical British fashion we took the design but got the spelling wrong ! Not all towers are the same, this image shows a couple of different types, with either a single gun or a second design with a clover-leaf style arrangement of three gun positions.

The third fortification is a very small fortification, Fort Vauville, on Normandy’s west coast. This unprepossessing building isn’t much more than a stone house with a surrounding defensive wall, so much so that when I walked around it on holiday I didn’t notice it – I just thought it was a holiday home with a big stone wall around it ! I was more interested in the WW2-era bunkers scattered around the same beach.

Switching from fortifications to more peaceful structures, we have a small lighthouse. This is based on the Little Red Lighthouse on the Hudson River in New York, but at this scale could just be a small generic lighthouse anywhere in the world.

Finally, we have a daymark – these are a bit like lighthouses, but without the light, and are used for navigation during daylight hours. This one is based on Gribben Tower in Cornwall. (As Phil pedantically pointed out, surely a lighthouse without a light is just a house !?)

This marks the beginning of what will hopefully be a major expansion in our 2mm scenics and buildings range. As well as fortifications we have villages, farms, factories all planned (the first of these have already been ordered from the printer and more are about to be).

The End

Just a reminder that the fourth and last part of our summer sale is coming to a close; you have until midnight BST on Sunday 30th (around 7pm EST or 5pm PDT) to get 15% off our 6mm and 15mm SF ranges.

Sale Part #4; The Final Act …

It’s not really summer anymore (even though the weather is as good as it’s been all year !), so it seems a bit of a misnomer, but we’re announcing Brigade Summer Sale, Part #4: Surface Action.

What this means is that for the next 9 days, running from midnight tonight until midnight on the 30th, you can get 15% off both our 6mm and 15mm SF ranges – vehicles, figures and buildings (the only thing not covered are rulebooks and the Xmarx buildings range).

Spaceships sale … last couple of days

Our Spaceships/Squadron Commander/Iron Stars sale only has a couple more days to run, so this is a last reminder that you have until midnight on Sunday (BST – about 7pm on the US East coast, or 4pm on the west) to get in there for a 15% saving.

Iron Stars

Sale-ing on …

It’s time for The Great Brigade Summer Sale part #3. This segment moves into deep space, covering our Spaceship, Squadron Commander and Iron Stars ranges.

From midnight tonight (BST) until the end of Sunday 2nd September, you can get 15% off all of the models and packs in these three ranges (it doesn’t cover the rulebooks, but then the Squadron Commander rulebook is free anyway !).

Celtos and Great War Sales – last couple of days …

Just a quick reminder that the sale offers on our 28mm ranges, Celtos and the Belgian Great War figures, has entered its last few days. The offer runs until the end of this coming Sunday (August 5th) so you have just a couple of days to grab some cut-price dog-carts, bargain skeletons or rock-bottom dragon riders.

And don’t forget that you can still get hold of the Salute 2005 Celtos promo figure – if you hurry.

Sale Part #2 – Update

So the sale is up and running, if you visit our site you’ll get 15% off both the Celtos and Great War ranges for the next 9 days.

As a bit of a bonus, we decided on an additional, extra special offer. Hunting round in the back of the workshop last night, we came across the mould for a gorgeous promo Swordmaiden figure that was given away at Salute 2005, back in the Urban Mammoth days (a few months before we took over the range). This figure has never been part of the range proper, and isn’t available for sale (it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the figures size-wise). However, we’re going to give away a copy of this figure with any Celtos orders for £50 or more during the sale. This will be the only way you’ll be able to get the figure, we won’t be putting it in the Celtos range and we won’t be selling it separately.

Swordmaiden 2005

(Image from Celtos Legion)

Sale part #2

The next phase of our sale starts this coming Saturday (the 28th) – this part will cover our two 28mm ranges, Celtos and the Great War.


Both will be 15% off for the next nine days (until the end of Sunday 5th August).


VSF Sale

It’s summertime, so glorious weather, barbecues, cricket on the green … or if you’re in the UK this year, thunderstorms, hail, floods, umbrellas …

Belgian Land Ironclads

And it’s also time for the Brigade summer sale season. Like last year we’ll be running several week-long themed sales, each covering a subset of our ranges (this just makes things more manageable and ensures we don’t get swamped by the demand !).

Heyworth Bomber

Our first sale covers our two Victorian SF ranges, the ever-popular Aeronef and Land Ironclads. From today (Friday 29th) for one week (until Friday 6th July) all models and packs in both ranges are 15% off.

See the Aeronef or the Land Ironclads ranges on our website and pick up a bargain or two !

Battle of Fairlight Cove