Collect at Show Shipping Option

We’ve added another shipping option – this time it’s a ‘Collect in Person’ option, which essentially means no postage charges. Use this if you want to place an order for a show through the website, pay by credit card or PayPal and then pick it up on the day.

Unfortunately it’s come online a bit too late for Crisis, but in the absence of a website option you’re still more than welcome to come along on Saturday and thrust wads of Euro notes into our hands in return for tanks, spaceships, Sidhe warriors etc.

See you tomorrow

The van is packed and ready to go to SELWG in the morning – we’ve crammed as much stock in as we can and the Pegasus Bridge game is balanced on top of it all !

Hopefully we’ll see you tomorrow – we’re in the main hall by one of the exits, same place as last year.

Off to bed for a 6:30am start …

Busy bees ….

Phil and I spent all day at the workshop – we were supposed to be casting stock for SELWG, but in the end it took all day to clear the outstanding sale orders. But the extremely good news is that all of the metal casting for the orders is done, and there are about half-a-dozen orders left on the table that need one or two items of resin. The first batch will go in the post tomorrow morning (all those that will fit in a post box), the rest of the completed ones that I brought home today will go the post office on Wednesday (once I’ve asked the Brigadieress very nicely to take quite a few kilos of metal and resin there on her day off …). We anticipate that everything should ship within the next 7-10 days, including all orders received since the sale.

We have another full day scheduled tomorrow (well, it beats working), so we have to cram what we anticipated to be two days’ worth of casting into one. The upshot of all of this is that we will do our best to carry as much stock as possible to the show, but we may only have small numbers of some items or the less popular items may have no stock at all. Stock of the new 15mm buildings has been hit hard, and we’re also short of some codes of the 6mm range. Although we’ll try to cast up as much as possible, there’s a limit to the amount of resin casting we can manage – the resin takes a certain amount of time to set, and there’s nothing that can be done to speed the process up.

Of course, if you want something from us at a show that we don’t have, if you pay for it on the day then we’ll send it to you post free as soon as we get back to the workshop.

Some news on the Scandinavian ‘nef too – not all of the new masters came out of the mould properly (there was the odd bent funnel), so we may not have the full range of ten models, but there will certainly be a good number of them.

Right, off to bed – this manual labour lark is very hard work for someone who usually sits at a desk !

Whilst the cat is away……

Ok so this is a fairly shameless excuse to get a picture of one my cats on the internet.

However the wife is going away for five whole days to Snowdonia with some friends so naturally I’m taking time off work to enjoy time on my own in the house. Even allowing for the fact that I have to take the sprogs to and from school each day I will get around thirty hours in the house on my own. I don’t think I’ve had that much time on my own at home since 1998.

So my plan is to spend as much time as possible making new masters, cleaning up models for moulding and doing general Brigade stuff. I’m aiming to post the results of each day in the evening. Not sure what I’ll make – there aren’t any firm plans at the moment.

That’s the idea anyway. I’ve got a stack of DVD’s that I don’t normally get to watch lined up, a fresh supply of plastic card and a pile of chocolate to fortify me.

Of course I might simply sit and play Diablo III…..

First Post

Hi there ! We’ve been planning to add a blog to our site for some time now, and here it finally is ! And if I’d known how easy it was going to be to set it up, I’d have done it ages ago …

Anyway, the plan is to reserve the front page of the Brigade website for ‘proper’ news – releases, show dates, sales etc. This blog will be less formal and used for other snippets of info’, sightings of our models out on the web, neat modelling or painting ideas, useful links and so on.

It’ll probably end up supplanting the Design Studio and we’ll use the blog to preview new stuff on our workbenches.

Both Phil and I will be posting on a very irregular and haphazard basis as the fancy takes us !