Holiday Time Again


It’s that time of year again when I clear off for a few days’ break. By the time this post gets published I should be flying high above the Mediterranean on the way to some sunshine, which has been sadly lacking in our corner of Kent so far in this rather damp summer.

I’ll be gone for just over a week, so there will be delays in processing and shipping orders until I return (and it’ll probably take a few days to catch up afterwards) although Phil will try to get to the workshop and tackle some orders to keep the backlog down to a minimum – although I’ve also left him a big pile of moulds to make 🙂

We’ll keep you entertained with the odd blog post or two while I’m gone, but in the meantime I’m planning to sit round the pool with a nice cold drink …

Joy of Six Reminder


I’ve been beset by niggling technical problems in recent weeks, with the latest being a PC that refuses to come out of hibernation and has ended up having to be reinstalled (I’m getting to be a dab hand at Windows 7 installations). Fortunately I keep all of my data on an external hard-drive (backed up to a second one), so no data is lost, it’s just the aggro of reinstalling all of my software, remembering passwords to websites etc. This is my excuse for not having posted so far this week, but I’m catching up now while I watch Windows install.

This evening’s post is a reminder about pre-orders for the Joy of Six show in Sheffield in just over two weeks’ time. Since Jo6 is a 6mm-themed show, I will only be bringing our 6mm SF range, plus Squadron Commander (as this is also 6mm scale) and the 2mm Small Scale Scenery range (since I know that at least one game at the show will be using our buildings alongside 6mm figures). I should have a good stock of both packs and individual models for those ranges, including 6mm vehicles, figures and buildings and SCR starter packs, blisters and individual models. I’ll also have Osprey’s new Horizon Wars rules and Legionnaire Games’ Strike Legion books.

I can also bring orders for any of our other ranges, but I will need to know in advance. Because I will be going on a family holiday before the show, I need any more pre-orders for collection at the show by the end of Monday next week at the latest (July 4th) so that I have time to process them before I leave – so you only have five more days to get them to me (usual email address, or you can order via the website using the Collect in Person option).


I will have our recent new 6mm buildings (the Colony Base and Research Base) in stock, plus some more that are yet to be released. There will also be new 6mm vehicles which we’ve been previewing lately, including the eagerly awaited 6mm Kirin.


And most exciting of all, we’re hoping to have something completely new that only arrived this week, and which Phil will be hopefully be putting into moulds while I’m away. But that’s all I’m saying about that, just in case…

Broadside Update

Ever get the feeling it’s not going to be your day? Around a mile or two from home this morning, the Brigade Battlebus suffered a driveshaft failure and had to be rescued by the AA. With Broadside looming in the morning, this isn’t great timing (to say the least). The Brigadieress has very kindly offered a loan of her car tomorrow and we’ll also cram more into Phil’s, so we will still be able to have a presence at the show. But our cargo capacity is still much reduced, and we will have to cut down on what we’re able to bring. We won’t know exactly what until we load up later this evening, but I suspect it means we will have to leave behind the individual stock of some ranges (probably 6mm, Aeronef and Spaceships as these take up a lot of transport space). We will still bring the fleet/company/army packs for these ranges, and stock for the other main ranges (Celtos, 2mm buildings, 15mm SF, Great War) shouldn’t be affected. If there’s something in particular you’re after that we’re unable to bring with us, we’ll arrange for that to be sent to you post free.


There may also be a knock-on effect to mail order as well – the workshop is quite a distance from home and I have no way to get there without a car. So depending on when I can arrange for a repair, there may be some delays.

Other than that, I’ve had quite a good day… :-/

Back in Stock

We have some very nice plastic bases made for us by Amera Plastic Mouldings, intended for our Land Ironclads range but since they’re on a 40mm frontage they’re useful for all sorts of games that use the same size. Stocks had got very low so we’d removed all of the from the website, but we’re pleased to say that they’re all back in stock following the arrival of a big box of replacements.


There are six sizes, with depths ranging from 20mm to 100mm. The bases are made from a textured plasticard so are all ready for painting.


ACC-013 – 40x30mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 10) – £1.75
ACC-014 – 40x40mm square plastic base (pack of 10) – £2.00
ACC-015 – 40x60mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 5) – £1.75
ACC-016 – 40x80mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 5) – £2.00
ACC-017 – 40x100mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 5) – £2.25
ACC-018 – 0x20mm rectangular plastic base (pack of 10) – £1.50

Jutland refight

Today we’d like to give some publicity to an upcoming charity event. This is a refight of Jutland (a historical version rather than our Aeronef one !) in aid of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines charity. It’s taking place at HMS Flying Fox, a Royal Naval Reserve base in Bristol. Participants are being sought, contact details are on the poster below.

We’ve made a very modest contribution towards supporting the event, supplying identification flags for the models.


Spanner in the Works


Our centrifugal casting machine uses air pressure to clamp the moulds together, supplied by a compressor. It keeps a supply of air in a tank and regularly refills when the pressure drops below a certain level. On Friday morning I went into the workshop to fill orders and stock up for Salute, switched it on and it started filling, but just didn’t sound right – it got noisier and noisier, made a nasty complaining noise and then just stopped. That was it, dead. I had just enough pressure in the tank to do a couple of orders, but that was all. With Salute just under two weeks away, its timing could not have been better (a melting pot once died on us the week before Salute … it’s as if they know). Fortunately, of all the bits of equipment we have, this is one of the easier ones to replace – I’ll have a new one delivered on Tuesday, and it should be a case of just plugging it in and connecting the air hose. But it’s still a frustrating loss of a couple of days’ casting, not to mention the expense. I’ll just have to do some other jobs instead.

So apologies to anyone with an outstanding order, it’ll be a 2-3 days until we can get those sorted for you. In the meantime, anyone want an old air compressor in need of quite a bit of TLC ?

Show Business 2016

We’ve been compiling our show calendar for the coming year now that the Christmas holiday is out of the way. We’re planning to attend all of the shows we went to last year, and have a couple of additions to the list.

Salute 2015_800x600

We kick off with one of these – we’re returning to Cavalier in Tonbridge for the first time in a few years at the end of February. This has been a last minute booking and we’re grateful to the organiser Alan Butler for slotting us in. We have a smaller stand than usual so we’ll have to decide what we take with us – there won’t be room for everything.

The other new show in our calendar takes us oop north, to the Joy of Six in Sheffield in July. This (as the name suggests) is a 6mm themed event, so again we’ll have a smaller stand with all of the 6mm range and maybe a few other bits and pieces.

We will of course take orders in advance for anything that we aren’t able to take to these or any other show – simply send us an email with what you require, or you can order and pay via the website using the ‘Collect in Person’ shipping option.

Full details of our show list, along with the ranges that we bring to each one, can be found on the website ‘Shows’ page.

The End of the Tunnel


Finally, we’re there – after a fortnight of hard slog, late evenings and lots and lots of casting, we’ve finally cleared the order backlog (and just in time too, as the weather has turned rather chilly).

Apart from a couple of orders that need special cast-to-order resin items, and two orders that arrived this afternoon after I’d left the workshop, every outstanding order has been cleared. Around twenty or so went in the post box just now, and I have around ten large boxes that need to be taken to a post office in the morning. What a relief for us, and good news for those of you that have been sitting patiently waiting for your orders – we very much appreciate everyone’s understanding.

So next week I can finally get back to working on new items. We have several bits already moulded and ready to go – eagle-eyed readers of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy might even have spotted a new model of ours in their review column that hasn’t yet made it to the website.

I’ll also be starting on the 3D design work for the four new battleship models that were unlocked as part of the Imperial Skies Kickstarter, and I’ll be posting work-in-progress images of those as I go along.

A Belated Happy New Year


Happy New Year from us at Brigade Towers – better late then never! Unfortunately, it’s still a quarantine zone here, with Phil joining me on the sick list this week. Our plan had been to post some previews of new models over this past week, but that’s something that fell by the wayside in favour of more recuperation time.

I will be returning to the workshop tomorrow, and the highest priority will be to work through the backlog of orders that has built up as a result of me falling ill during the height of the sale. At a rough guess there is about two weeks’ solid work to clear these, so that is what I’ll be doing to the exclusion of all else for the next fortnight.

We have tried over the past couple of years to release something new every week, but there have been times when we have simply been too busy to keep to this. Certainly at the start of this year we have quite a hefty workload so it’ll be a couple of weeks before anything new appears. We did have some new releases lined up which were intended to come out now, but these will be delayed until existing orders have shipped.

Imperial Skies
The Imperial Skies kickstarter ended just before Christmas, moving well past the initial target to reach four of the stretch goals for new ships. The ship date for pledges is April, and the hope is for us to have copies of the rulebook on the stand at Salute if at all possible. We have still to do the 3D design work for the four new models and will post updates on those as we go along.

15mm Science Fiction
The last of the old forces still to be replaced with new sculpts are the Chinese. This was supposed to have happened in 2015 but there simply wasn’t room in the schedule, however we hope to get them out in the first quarter of this year. Having said that, there is another rather exciting 15mm project in the works so it remains to be seen if we can do both or if the CDSU get pushed back a little.

We do already have masters for a number of new 15mm buildings ready for moulding, both additions to the existing ranges plus some completely new types.


Small Scale Scenery
Our first new releases of the year, when they finally appear, will be from this range, and will be further supplementing our selection of fortifications.


We’ve also had requests for some more modern buildings so we’ll be adding post-war houses and apartment blocks to the range before long.

6mm Science Fiction
Our 6mm SF buildings continue to shift in large numbers, and there will continue to be additions to the selection of structures that we have on offer. We have ideas for further types as well as more in the style of the existing designs.

We’re going to update our range of 6mm figures – our current figures have served us very well but we’d like to widen the range of what we have available.

As far as 6mm vehicles go, we’re likely to see additions to the existing forces this year rather than any complete new armies.

Spaceships and Aeronef
For both of these ranges, we have a policy of slowly replacing older models with new sculpts. The priority is to tackle those models whose moulds need replacing – if we’re going to make a new mould then we might as well do it properly and update the model at the same time. One of the main spaceship fleets is likely to be entirely replaced with new models at some point in the year.

We should be attending all of the shows we went to last year, although one or two have been rescheduled slightly which should ease the congestion in the last third of the year. We’re also pleased to announce that we’ll be attending The Joy of Six in Sheffield which is, as the name suggests, a 6mm-themed event.


Last Day of the Xmas Sale

Banner 2015

Exactly as says in the title, this is the last day of our Christmas sale. It’ll be ending at midnight GMT tonight, December 23rd.

On a positive note, I went back to work yesterday and started ploughing through the order backlog. I started on the UK orders and have done quite a few, which will all go in the post as soon as I’ve finished writing this. Although it’s very late, hopefully one or two might be delivered tomorrow. Today I’ll be working my way through the rest of them, and Phil will be joining me tomorrow morning for a Christmas Eve final blitz to clear as much as we can. However, looking at the blizzard of orders that came through last night there’s clearly no chance of us getting to end of the pile.

Finally, Robin’s Imperial Skies Kickstarter ended yesterday with a number of pledges in the final couple of days to take it over £7k. This means that we’re committing to producing four new capital ships models, one each for the Britain, France, USA and Germany. We’ll keep you up to date with how the design of those is going over the next 3-4 months before our target ship date of April 2016.