Holiday time again

As previously mentioned, I missed Colours this weekend because of a rather more important event. The Brigadieress and I are also away for a short break, so although the website will remain open, I won’t be around until the very end of this week and there will be a slower than usual turnaround on orders for the 7-10 days and delays in answering queries.

Because of this, we’ve decided to hold onto any new models and will instead release them at Tabletop Gaming Live in a fortnight. Previews will be along soon…

You still have a week or so to place orders for collection at TTGL, I’ll be casting the last ones on the Wednesday before the show.


Tabletop Gaming Live

Tabletop Gaming Live is a new event being held at Alexandra Palace in a couple of weeks. We will be there on stand G21 in The Great Hall.

We will take as much stock as possible but we’re limited to what will fit in my car – we’ll have a full set of Celtos figures and packs, Aeronef and Spaceship fleet packs, a selection of Aeronef battleships, 6mm army, company and building packs, 15mm vehicles and figures, 6mm and 15mm Hammer’s Slammers detachment packs (and hopefully a few new ones), the complete range of Small Scale Scenery, Squadron Commander flights, all of the Crom’s Anvil range of 15mm fantasy figures, our Great War Belgians and Magpie miniatures.

Unless I miraculously find some extra space, we won’t be able to carry individual models from the 6mm, Aeronef and Spaceships ranges (apart from some Nef battleships which you’ll find on our blister rack). We’re also unlikely to have room for our 6mm, 10mm and 15mm SF buildings apart from the 6mm building packs.

Usually we only have one of each pack available, apart from the new releases or popular packs, so if you want to be certain of getting hold of the pack you want, you can place an advance order. You can either pay in advance using the collect in person option on the website, or just drop us an email with a list and pay on the day. Pre-orders need to be with us by Tuesday of the week before the show at the latest (September 25th) in order for us to have a chance of getting them ready.

Tabletop Gaming Live

Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th September 2018
Alexandra Palace, London, N22 7AY
Opening Times
9.00am – 6.00pm Saturday
9.00am – 5.00pm Sunday

Skeleton Dance

A while ago we featured some nicely painted skeletons from the Celtos Fir Bolg range by Australian blogger Azazel. Recently he sent us photos of some more archers, so without further ado, here they are (and it would be rude not to link to his blog)…

Small Scale Sci-fi

First, a little snippet of show news – a reminder that we will NOT be attending Colours this year. The Brigadieress has a Significant Birthday on the day of the show so I’ll be otherwise engaged. All things being well, we aim to be back in 2019. You can however find us later this month at the new Tabletop Gaming Live show at Alexandra Palace.

Now onto this week’s new release – it’s the first sci-fi offering in our Small Scale Scenery range. I’ve scaled down the full range of 6mm Desert Domes and added a couple of new designs to complete the pack. You get 19 buildings which makes up a small town, and you could also combine them with our middle-eastern building set for variety. This shouldn’t be our last sci-fi set in this scale.

I couldn’t resist taking this shot, showing the same building in four scales, from 2mm (1/1000th) through 6mm (1/300th), 10mm (1/150th) up to 15mm (1/100th). Ah, the joys of digital design…

SSS-9001 – Desert Domes (x19) – £6.50

United We Stand

Another (yes, another !) new 15mm Hammers Slammers detachment fell off my painting table the other week. They almost happened by accident, but they were such a simple build and took very little time.

Strictly speaking it’s a troop, not a detachment – it’s only a half-sized unit. To create a full detachment, just add another identical troop. The United Defence Batteries are another of the specialist outfits from the Hammerverse, a unit tailored to perform one specific role but perform it well. The UDB are an elite air defence unit equipped with our new GS-1018 8-barreled rapid-firing calliopes (released last week) mounted on GEV chassis. That’s all they do – you hire the UDB to keep the skies above clear of enemy aircraft and artillery shells, and trust them to do that job perfectly. Of course, eight 2cm rapid fire powerguns will also make a mess of light armoured vehicles and infantry if you point them in the right direction ! They place a central role in the story Counting the Cost, which you can find in volume 2 of The Complete Hammer’s Slammers.

I wasn’t sure how to paint the UDB, so in the end I opted for a very simple dark grey scheme (German Panzer Grey) with green fabric skirts. The only colour was a couple of orange flashes on the side panels and the sensor blisters on the calliope turrets which I painted in blue. Decals were taken from the same Dom’s Decals vehicle names sheet as I used for the Foster’s Mercenaries names, and numbers were spares from our Heliodorus Regiment sheet. In the end the effect wasn’t as dark as I’d have liked – if I did them again I’d use a black base and drybrush it up with dark grey.

The UDB troop pack contains three GS-1108 Calliopes, one GS-1008 command vehicle (with optional radar instead of the rear turret) plus stowage packs.

HSD15-3301 – United Defence Batteries Calliope Troop – £32.00

Who Will Buy My Flaming Sword?

First things first – on Sunday I’ll be in Peterborough for the fourth edition of the Hereward show, catchily titled Hereward IV:A New Hope. I’ll have our latest releases and as much other stuff as I can carry, so that’s lots of Slammers, Yenpalo spaceships, British Nef etc. I’ll also have the full range of Crom’s Anvil figures which we carry at shows, including the new heroes, tribesmen and Simurgh Guards.

Back into production this week are this rather splendid collection of 15mm GEVs. The belong to the Flaming Sword of the Holy Brotherhood, a combined arms mercenary unit equipped with medium and heavy tank destroyers supported by infantry and heavy direct-fire mortars.

When they were previously available, the models used a common resin hull and separate metal or resin superstructures. We’ve modified the masters so that all of the versions now have unique one-piece resin hulls with just the turrets and guns to be attached. So the designs are the same, we’ve just made them much easier to assemble. While we were at it, we’ve remastered the all metal parts and made a new production mould for those. There’s also a new hull for the calliope carrier which was previously just stuck to the flatbed. So there are several good reasons why it’s taken a while to get them back into production!

The primary combat version is the GS-1199 Medium Tank Destroyer armed with a 9cm powergun. This is available with either a plain gun barrel or new one with a muzzle brake.

Infantry are carried in the GS-1107 APC with two small gun turrets carrying twin 2cm powerguns. The GS-1008 command version swaps a radar dish for the upper turret.

A fire support version can be equipped with an assortment of turrets – the FSHB’s main version is the GS-1141R with a pair of direct fire mortars, but other options include autocannon and a 5cm powergun turret.

The one new(ish) version is the GS-1018 Calliope vehicle with eight rapid fire 2cm powergun for air defence.

The Flaming Sword have a number of different detachments on their list, all of which are available as packs with vehicles, infantry, stowage, fireteam bases etc. This brings the number of pre-defined 15mm detachment packs to 31 now, giving you stacks of options for starting out in Hammer’s Slammers gaming.

HS15-2012 – GS-1199 Tank Destroyer – £8.00
HS15-2012a – GS-1199m Tank Destroyer – £8.00
HS15-2013 – GS-1107 APC – £8.00
HS15-2013a – GS-1108 Command Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2014 – GS-1141R Mortar Carrier – £8.00
HS15-2014a – GS-1026 Light Support Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2014b – GS-1186PG Heavy Support Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2014c – GS-1188RG Heavy Support Vehicle – £8.00
HS15-2015 – GS-1018 Calliope – £8.00

HSD15-2001 – Recce Detachment – £35.00
HSD15-2002 – Strike Detachment – £60.00
HSD15-2003 – Heavy Detachment – £75.00
HSD15-2004 – Protection Detachment – £38.50

And before anyone else points it out … yes, they have the wrong unit markings (the FSHB badge looks a lot like that of the Apex Dragoons, and I mixed up my decals…).

Confrontation on Kalan

Last weekend the club to which Phil and I belong, Maidstone Wargames Society, ran an extended meeting. We took advantage of this to organise a large Hammer’s Slammers game with nine players and huge amounts of 15mm kit. There’s a report on the MWS website, but here are a few photos to whet your appetites.

Bases are Back

This wasn’t the post I was expecting to put up today, I was going to put up some pictures of our massive Hammer’s Slammers game last weekend, but it’s too important not to. We’ve not been able to get hold of our black and clear plastic flying stands for a while, and have had to keep back what stocks we did have for fleet packs and starter packs. However, a big box filled with many thousands of the little blighters in black and clear has just turned up (about fifteen minutes ago).

This means that at last we can start selling packs of bases again – woo-hoo ! We have packs of clear and black bases (we’ve dropped the white ones – we only ever stocked those as stop-gap when we couldn’t get the others). Unfortunately the cost of the bases has gone up quite a bit so we’ve had to increase our price, but at least we have them again.

ACC-001 – Clear Flying Stand x10 – £2.00
ACC-002 – Black Flying Stand x10 – £2.00

Threat from Deep Space

Most of our spaceship fleets are human fleets, based as they are around the background from Wessex Games’ long-out-of-print Iron Cow ruleset. We do have a couple of alien fleets, and today one of those is getting a complete revamp.

The Yenpalo are humanoid reptilians with a thing about hexagons and the number six. Our existing fleet was designed by Phil long ago, but has been on the replacement list for a little while as the moulds aren’t in great shape. The new ships were created by James Claypole from Beadspoke Designs who offered them to us as he’d already designed them and just wanted to see them come to life as physical models.

There are five ships in this initial offering, ranging from battlecruiser down to corvette, plus a fleet pack. These replace the original Yenpalo designs which are no longer available (as I said, the moulds really did need replacing…)

SFSP-1101 – Yenpalo Attack Fleet – £22.00

SFS-1100 – Klaion class Battlecruiser – £4.50
SFS-1120 – Trepes class Heavy Cruiser – £3.25
SFS-1130 – Celeph class Destroyer – £2.00
SFS-1140 – Phlam class Frigate – £1.00
SFS-1150 – Ebhaku class Corvette – £0.75

Harris Blowers

Slammers detachments are like buses – you wait ages for one, then two turn up at once. After last week’s 111-wheel painting and assembly marathon with the unit of Foster’s Mercenaries, this one is a rather more straightforward build.

The Slammers regiment aren’t the only users of the M9 combat car; besides the Lightning Division and their fully enclosed crew cars, Harris Commando use the M9A3 variant. This is identical to the Slammers’ version except for the armament; the Harris cars have a heavy laser and two gatlings in place of the tribarrels.

I chose to put together an armoured detachment of three combat cars and three M9A10 cargo cars; one of these tows an anti-tank gun while the others each carry two infantry teams for a total of 10 TUs (the gun and towing vehicle count as a single TU). The plan was to also paint an extra cargo car and infantry so I could also reconfigure them into an Infantry Detachment – I painted the extra infantry, but forgot the additional cargo car ! I’ll have to go back and do that another day.

This was a simple and quick build – the cargo cars are one piece castings, while the combat cars have the three metal guns, crew figures plus of course the etched brass splinter screen. I attached the guns and crew (space is limited in the car’s interior so I don’t always put all three crew figures in) but left the screens off until the very end. All of the cars received stowage, jerricans, fuel drums, stowage boxes etc. The etched brass sheet for the screen also has a stowage basket so I attached one or two of those. I stuck an infantry figure with binoculars in the back of one cargo car after removing his base.

The vehicles were all primed with Halfords’ grey automotive primer, then drybrushed a lighter grey. I airbrushed orange-brown camouflage stripes, carefully drybrushed those pale orange and, apart from picking out the stowage and the odd detail here and there, that was just about it. Once the combat car crew and guns were painted I superglued the splinter screens on. They then received a brushed-on coat of Army Painter Strong Tone Quickshade. As with the Fosters vehicles we don’t yet have any official decals so I’d already printed up some onto decal paper. The decal paper is thicker than normal decal film and won’t take too well to heavily curved surfaces, but they seemed to be OK over the slight curve of the bow slope. After that, it was a final airbrushed coat of Tamiya Flat Clear.

The towed gun crew are fixed to one of our resin fireteam bases – I used a cutting tool in a Dremel to make holes for their bases then filled any gaps with PVA and sand. The gun isn’t glued down so it can be removed from the base when it’s being towed. The rest of the infantry were glued to M8 washers and the bases textured with PVA and sand. They were sprayed dark green over their primer coat, drybrushed and washed with Citadel Athonian Camoshade. Boots were painted brown, guns grey, faces in various flesh shades and webbing sand-brown, all washed in appropriate colours from the Citadel shades range. The bases were painted with Tamiya Flat Earth and drybrushed. I painted the fireteam bases in the same colours with a darker brown edge, then flocked with Citadel grass once everything had been varnished.

The two Harris packs are now available from the website if you feel like leading a detachment of blowers into battle.

HSD15-3201 – Harris Commando Armoured Detachment – £38.00
HSD15-3202 – Harris Commando Infantry Detachment – £31.50