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Mr Kipling's Frosty Fancies

Description : Small, square sponge cake topped with a dollop of vanilla fondant and covered in white icing.

Selected by : Tony


Phil : Since we were in a Christmas mood here at Brigade Towers we thought that we should do a review with a festive theme. So here it is............yes its a Kipling cake (what else). Hot (or cold) on the heels of the limited edition Fiendish Fancies comes the Frosty Fancy. So what can Mr Kipling do to a French Fancy for Christmas? Well as it turns out not a great deal really. The Frosty Fancy isn't that great. Its a version of the classic offering with a vanilla style icing. And that's it. Unfortunately it didn't really have much taste compared with the standard cake. In fact it was rather bland. Of course we had to eat them all to do a proper test but it was a bit of a struggle towards the end.
Verdict - only do a special edition if it actually is special. 4/10.

Tony : As you may have noticed, we have a soft spot for the Kipling French Fancy and all its variants, so we really felt we had to give these a try. Sadly, and rather unexpectedly, we ended up rather disappointed. They're bland to the point of being rather tasteless, and at the end of a pack of eight were turning towards sickly. We finished them, but it was hard work by the time we made it to the last couple. French Fancies have subtle variations in flavour, but these feel like all of the flavour has been sucked out - the off-white colouring doesn't help, as there's no hint of what flavour they might be. Won't be having these again. 5/10.

Marks : 4.5/10

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