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Page last updated : 4th January 2012

Mr Kipling's Festive Bakewells

Description : Normal bakewell tart with the cherry replaced by an icing holly leaf.

Selected by : Tony


Phil : Given the lack lusture performance of the Frosted Fancies we felt that we had to give Mr Kipling's Christmas offering a second chance. And so the Festive Bakewell entered the review arena (we're not quite talking Thunderdome here but we're rather proud of our workshop).
The Festive Bakewell is a standard Kipling bakewell with a small fondant sprig of holly in the place of the cherry. Now I don't do cherries, don't really see the point to them (same as grapes, plums and other dodgy stuff like that). On a normal bakewell I pick the cherry off and discard it. So the Festive offering was right up my street - its a cherry bakewell without the effort of throwing the cherry away. The sprig of holly added a visual touch but to be honest not much more than that.
Verdict - nothing too special but nothing bad. A good quality bakewell from the king of cupcakes. 8/10.

Tony : Phil's the real bakewell fan - I think they're OK, but I don't get too excited about the common-or-garden variants (the trifle or lemon ones on the other hand ... now you're talking !). Taking the cherry off is good as I don't particularly like them, so the replacement with the icing holly leaf goes down well here. But that's the extent of the festive modifications, otherwise they taste just the same to me.
OK, but nothing out of the ordinary - 6/10.

Marks : 7/10

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