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Page last updated : 31st October 2019

John Lewis French Fancies

Description : Looks just like a Mr Kipling French Fancy but on steroids (about twice the size)

Selected by : Tony


Phil : If you're a regular reader of our cake reviews (and if you aren't then why not?) you will know that over the years we've eaten a fair number of Kipling French Fancies. Whilst we are loyal Kipling fans we've always meant to sample other brands of Fancies. One of the alternatives comes from the Waitrose chain. They start off well since they are bigger - bigger must be better where cakes are concerned, surely. However the presentation is let down by the size of the paper wrapper that they are in. Waitrose have used a standard size case which was simply too small. They trying to squeeze a double D cake into an A cup wrapper. It doesn't look too good.
But still onto the cake. It looks like a Fancy, it tastes like........well not a Fancy. The cake is much more stodgy than a Kipling Fancy. In fact given its size it was an effort to get through it. The standard sized Fancies are a doddle - light and fluffy and little more than a mouthful. I almost gave up on this it was that much effort. The best bit was the dollop of cream on the top. I wouldn't want another - overall (and I'm being generous) 4/10

Tony : I bought these on a whim in the delicatessen of the Bluewater branch of John Lewis. As Phil mentions, we are dedicated French Fancy eaters and the prospect of a super-sized one was just too good to pass up. Unfortunately, I bought them two or three days before we ate them, and I don't think it did them any favours. Despite being kept in an airtight container, they were ever-so-slightly past their best which probably contributed to the dense texture and rather chewy nature. I didn't have a problem with them being in a smaller case than was good for them - after, when the wrappers came off we were still staring at a pair of double-Ds (cakes, that is).
Lots of cake = lots of icing, so fine with me. And I had the lemon one (I bought them after all) which I always reckon are better than the strawberry ones.
Would probably have been 7/10 if we'd had them fresh, but as they were, 6/10.

Marks : 5/10

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