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Custard Tarts

Description : Pastry case (~4" diameter) full of firm but not hard, bright yellow custard. Comes in a vacformed clear plastic box.

Selected by : Phil


Phil :Once Lord Percy once said to Blackadder - "Oh, Edmund... can it be true? That I hold here, in my mortal hand, a nugget of purest Green?". Well here we are reviewing a nugget of purest Yellow. I'm sure that this particular shade of yellow doesn't occur naturally in food. Normally we review cakes that are widely available so that our adoring fans can try them out. However this time the cake comes from a local coffee shop in Maidstone and I have no idea of its true origins. It looked just too good to pass up. What we have here is simply a custard tart - but what a custard tart it is. The pastry really is just the annoying bit you have eat through to get to the custard (I suppose you could just scoop out the filling but how uncouth would that be). The custard looks like it would ooze everywhere once you took the first bite but no - structural integrity is maintained throughout the eating experience . The taste is fantastic - I'm sure that I could eat them all the time. I have no hesitation in awarding it a ten out of ten. My only complaint is that they seem to vanished from the shelves of the coffee shop...... I feel very sad now. 10/10

Tony : I like custard, but for some reason I've never been the greatest fan of the humble custard tart - I think it's the rather dull pastry case, or it might be the excessive amounts of nutmeg that some places insist on grating over the top (why ?). Anyway, Phil turned up with these one day, and I have to say that I may have been converted. Aside from the rather unnaturally bright colour (this isn't necessarily a bad thing - it generally indicates that the cake in question isn't 'organic' or 'natural' and thus has lots and lots of sugar for cold winter evenings !), the things that struck me were a) the size, and b) the fact that the case was full of nothing other than pure, unadulterated custard, with just a little sprinkling on the top for colour. The consistency was perfect, just firm enough to hold together without oozing but no more than that. The ratio of custard to case meant that the latter wasn't a problem to get through (and as pastry goes it was pretty good anyway). Just a shame that we don't seem to be able to get any more. 8/10

Marks : 9/10

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