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Page last updated : 23rd August 2012

Costco Danish Pastries

Description : Large (~6" diameter) Danish pastry with a variety of centre fillings - raspberry or apricot jam, custard, or raisins with lashings of icing.

Selected by : Phil


Phil :Tony regularly turns up to Brigade Towers with a selection of Costco pastries. To those who don't know, Costco is a bulk warehouse type establishment where considerable discounts can be made. However you need to buy a lot of anything to benefit from discounts. So it would appear that Tony has bought around a thousand pastries. And that we have to eat them. Bum!!!!

They come of a variety of fillings - strawberry, apicot, custard and a sort of Belgian bun. All equally nice when heated up. That point is important. Very important.

We had a power cut recently at Brigade Towers whilst working on Tony's Operation Deadstick game. It couldn't have come at worse time - we hadn't microwaved the pastries. As a result we had to eat them cold!! Heated up they are really nice (especially the custard ones) but cold, oh my god they are a stodgy mass of inedible stuff. I think that I managed about 4 mouthfuls.

So heated up - 8/10 - (boosted by the fact that they cost tuppence ha'penny for about a hundred cakes)
Cold - 1/10 - far too much like hard work to eat whatever the price.

Tony : Even if you think you've never had one of these, you might have - Costco supply lots of cafes and eateries, so you could well have had a coffee and Danish somewhere that was supplied by them. These come in packs of 12 (three each of four varieties) for all of 3.99, which is great value - I buy them fresh, take them home and freeze them and we pop them in the workshop microwave when needed. They aren't at all bad, not up there with the best of cakes but they are substantial and when served warm with a cup of tea they go down very well.

Would have been 7/10 as they're OK but not super-exciting, but I'm awarding an extra half-a-point for sheer size and another for value-for-money. 8/10.

Marks : 8/10 (4.5/10 cold !)

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