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Page last updated : 17th September 2012

Mr Kipling's British Fancies

Description : Conventional French Fancies but with red, white and blue icing.

Selected by : Tony


Phil : There are many reasons to feel proud to be British. The Battle of Trafalgar. The Battle of Mons. El Alamein. The BBC Micro. Philippa Forrester. And obviously the 2012 British and Northern Ireland Olympics team.

And so to cakes. Like everyone else Mr Kipling is jumping onto the Olympics bandwagon with their latest offering, the "Great British Fancies". So it takes several billion pounds of investment for Kipling to drop the "French" from their fancies and replace it with "Great British". Why couldn't they have just done that years ago then?

But anyway onto the cakes. What we have here is a pack of eight fancies in red, white and blue icing. The white one looks suspiciously like the Frosted Fancy that we have previously reviewed. The red one looks like it is made of candle wax (not a good thing in food). The blue one......well its blue. Not a colour normally seen in confectionery.

But enough of the looks, how did they taste? Well ok really. All three colours had the same vanilla taste so there was nothing to differentiate the individual colours. It would have been nice to have had some variance in the taste but I guess that it was a safer bet by Kipling to keep them simple.

It's nice to see the "Great British" Fancy pushed to the fore but that just begs the question as to what makes the normal fancy "French" anyway? They could be better but they come with a Union Flag box and that is worth a few bonus points. 8/10

Tony : The summer of 2012 will I'm sure be remembered as the year of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympics and the shameless cashing in on both by just about every company going. Including us, as we review a special edition cake or two.

These special edition French Fancies have red, white and blue icing, allowing Kipling to drop the 'French' designation and decide that these are British instead. Did no-one point out the colours of the French flag !?

They did look slightly odd - the red ones looked rather waxy, the white ones put both of us in mind of the Christmas-themed fancies we reviewed a while back, which didn't get great marks from the Brigade jury, and the blue ones looked ... wrong. Blue is not a natural colour for food.

Nevertheless, mindful of our civic duty, we dove in. There isn't much to report really, beyond that these were pretty much standard French Fancies, which in our minds is very much a Good Thing (see previous reviews here and here. The white one was not, as we feared, related to the much-derided Frosted Fancy. I'm going to mark it down a little from normal French Fancies as these are all similarly flavoured vanilla versions, without the variety of the yellow or pink ones. 8/10

Marks : 8/10

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