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Page last updated : 18th December 2014

Mr Kipling's Festive Bakewells

Description : Bakewell Tarts with red, silver and green sprinkles.

Selected by : Tony


Phil : It's been three years since we last reviewed a festive bakewell from Mr Kipling. As their previous offering was rather well received we thought we would see what a couple of years of development time could achieve. The normal bakewell cherry is still absent so they're off to a good start. However the little fondant sprig of holly has gone to be replaced with (and I quote from the box), "festive sprinkles". Yes, you read that correctly, not just any sprinkles but festive sprinkles. And what makes a sprinkle festive you may ask? Well I'm not sure really. Maybe it's the colour choice (red, white and green) or simply the fact they are on the top of a festive bakewell.

I'll give the 2014 festive bakewell a respectable 8/10 based on the cake itself (nice and tasty as ever). However I'm going to deduct 4 points based on the rather lacklustre approach to presentation and obvious complacency.

Overall 4/10.

Tony : I didn't realise we'd already reviewed these until I started to write it up. So what is there to say ? The little green sprig of holly icing has been replaced by some sprinkles, but that's about it. They are, as the previous ones, a pretty standard Bakewell with the cherry replaced by the sprinkles. So I guess they're deserving of the same mark - 6/10 it is.

Marks : 5/10

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