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Page last updated : 30th October 2015

Mr Kipling's Witches Hat Fancies

Description : French Fancies with black icing and green sponge cake.

Selected by : Tony


Phil : It's been a while since we've reviewed a box of Kipling Fancies so it's good to see them come up with a new offering for Halloween.

Certainly the initial impression is very good. A stylish black and green box contains cakes that follow the colour scheme - green cakes covered in black icing. The black icing gives them a very distinct look.

According to Mr Kipling the cakes are orange flavours despite being green in colour (maybe they didn't know what taste "green" was). The cakes were pleasant to eat although the ones I had didn't have a particularly strong orange taste.

Overall - I'd give them an 8/10. A stronger orange taste would have improved them and they'll get a bonus point for the black icing.

Tony : I'm a big French Fancy fan but we've been disappointed once or twice (the rather dull Frosty Fancies and the truly dreadful Cocktail Fancies which were so bad we didn't bother reviewing them) so I was hoping for something a bit better this time.

And we weren't disappointed. Despite the (deliberately) unappealing black icing and green sponge cake, these turned out to be orange flavoured - in effect, they were the same as the Fiendish Fancies that we reviewed a few Halloweens ago apart from the colour. And, having checked back, we both gave them the same marks then as well !

Marks : 9/10

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