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Eternal War in an Ancient Land, Forsaken by the Gods

Celtos is a miniature tablestop battle system for two or more players. The game is set in the ancient land of Goria. Five races battle for dominion over Goria; the Fir Bolg, the accursed living dead-hosts of Anwyn; the Sidhe, the immortal elven rules of the elements; the Fomorians, demonic orc and goblin spawn of Chaos and the Old Night; the Gaels, warrior man and women, the favoured children of the All Mother; and the Vanir, dwarven raiders of the frozen wasteland.

A new rulebook is in development, although we don't yet have a fixed date for its release. We do have some remaining stocks of the original rulebook and the Gael handbook available.

We have a range of army and unit packs of vary sizes for each Celtos race. In addition, all of the blisters have been reorganised with fixed contents - no more random blister packs. Finally, we've made every model available individually so you don't have to buy a blister to get a single figure.

We have reorganised the PDFs into separate smaller ones for each race; these now include all new releases and will be easier for us to update individually :
Fir Bolg

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Rule Books and Starter Packs (2)
Army and Unit Packs (39)
SAGA Army Packs (4)
The Sidhe (49)

The Vanir (16)
The Gaels (75)
The Fomorians (41)
Fir Bolg (42)


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