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Page last updated : 31st January 2018

Below are suggested characteristics for fighters in the Brigade universe. The Combat Rating given is the full value, so when adjusting the value of parent carriers you need to reduce this by 50 (see page 39 of the Starmada X:Brigade rulebook).

There's also a printable PDF file for quick reference.


Kestrel: Fast, Interceptor - CR:72
Mosquito: Bomber - CR:50


Eagle: Fast, Interceptor - CR:72
Goshawk: Standard - CR:50
Raptor: Fast, Bomber - CR:72

ONESS German

Hornisse: Interceptor - CR:60
Galland: Assault - CR:70
Kondor: Heavy, Extended Range, Interceptor - CR:109


Cometé: Small, Fast, Interceptor - CR:50
Metéoré: Bomber - CR:60
Folgore: Fast - CR:60
Moustique: Heavy, Bomber - CR:84


Wusheng: Heavy - CR:70
Zhengsheng: Slow, Heavy, Bomber - CR:67
Guixiong: Heavy, Slow, Extended Range - CR:73
Yongsheng: Heavy, Slow, Extended Range - CR:73


Petrel: Standard - CR:50


Sea Wasp: Slow, Bomber - CR:48
Weta: Fast, Interceptor- CR:72

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