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Iron Stars is a game of space combat in an age of steam and steel. Set in a fictional universe based loosely on the writings of H. G. Wells and other fantasists, it provides a back story and ship designs from an alternate history in which the Martian Invasion actually happened, the ether is all-pervasive, and Cavorite is a reality. But, as with Starmada and other Majestic Twelve Games products, the focus is on players' imaginations; a clear and concise ship construction system is provided so you can pit your own space dreadnoughts against the likes of the Royal Navy Ether Squadron or the German ─thermarine.

The British and Russians have finally been joined by a new space fleet, the Austrian KUK Sternmarine. We also have stocks of the first two Iron Stars supplements, The Merchant War and The Southern Front which both extend the timeline and introduce new fleets and rules.

Iron Stars Rulebook cover
British Models  Russian Models
WARNING - due to the nature of the IS ship designs, the models are a little more complex than some of our other ranges and some have multiple small parts. They are therefore suited to the slightly more advanced modeller who's happy with techniques such as drilling and pinning.

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