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Page last updated : 12th December 2015

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VLI-401 Detendu Ironclad £3.50
VLI-402 Immuablement Ironclad £2.50
VLI-403 Vengeance Ironclad £1.25
VLI-404 Glorieux Ironclad £1.00
VLI-405 Blockhaus Roulant Ironclad £0.75
VLI-420 Char St Maxim (pack of 8) £1.75
VLI-421 Char Mazerey (pack of 8) £1.75

Army Packs

VLIP-401 French Light Ironclad Battalion £14.00
VLIP-402 French Medium Ironclad Battalion £22.50
VLIP-403 French Heavy Ironclad Battalion £35.00
VLIP-404 French Contraption Battalion £13.50
VLIP-406 French Infantry Regiment £12.25

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