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Magpie Miniatures
Page last updated : 27th November 2015

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Magpie Miniatures is a range of 28mm figures by talented Dutch sculptor Cindy Dukino. The current range consists a selection of eclectic fantasy characters, which Cindy hopes to add to as time permits.

Cindy also has a website displaying her artwork where you can see here collection of drawings and paintings:

All miniatures sculpted and painted by Cindy Dukino

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Magpie Miniatures
MGP-001 A Murder of Magpies £22.00
MGP-101 Eric £3.00
MGP-102 Mabel £3.00
MGP-103 Susan and Grumps £3.00
MGP-104 Ben £3.00
MGP-105 Tiffany £3.00
MGP-106 Hambo £3.00
MGP-107 Chris £3.00
MGP-108 Esther £3.00


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