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Page last updated : 17th May 2018

How To Order

Please read the following page which outlines our terms and conditions and the ordering process. By placing an order on this website, you agree to do so under these terms.

Online Shopping

Brigade Models uses the PayPal system to handle all of our credit card orders. We also use PayPal's Shopping Cart facility to handle our online ordering system as it is widely recognised as a secure and safe system. If you aren't familiar with PayPal, you can read more on the PayPal site. You can pay either through your PayPal account or with a credit card if you don't have or don't want to set up an account. You do not require a PayPal account to use the shopping cart.

E-Mail Orders

You can send us an order by e-mail and we'll price it and work out the postage, VAT etc. We will then send you an invoice - again, although this comes from our PayPal system you don't need an account to pay it. Alternatively, if you'd like to pay by direct bank transfer then please contact us and we can supply you with our bank details, IBAN numbers etc

Mail Order

Orders should be sent to the address below. We accept UK postal orders or cheques from UK banks. Cheques should be made payable to 'Brigade Models Ltd'. Overseas customers should send International Money Orders or Sterling cheques please. We would really rather not have to deal with cheques in any currency other than Sterling, however if you really cannot get anything else then please add an additional £5 to your order to cover bank charges (yes, that's how much they charge us to bank a cheque in a non-UK currency). When sending orders from abroad, especially large ones, we recommend that you use Registered Post, Guaranteed Delivery or an equivalent service to ensure that your cheque or IMO arrives safely. Cheques have occasionally gone missing in the past and we can't take any responsibility for your order until we've received it.

Postage / Shipping Charges

Every order is subject to a fixed handling charge per order, plus a percentage of the order value, calculated as follows :

£1.10 + 7.5% of order value for the UK and BFPO (postage is also subject to VAT at 20%);

EU £3.40 + 10% of order value (airmail) (postage is also subject to VAT at 20%)

Rest of the World £4.00 + 14% (airmail).

These charges are automatically calculated and added by the shopping cart system when you place your order.

VERY IMPORTANT - in order to activate our shopping cart system, you need to tell us where your order is going so that we can determine your shipping costs. Until you do this, you won't see any 'BUY' buttons anywhere on the website and won't be able to add anything to your shopping cart. To set your shipping destination and activate the shopping cart, click here.

UK orders are generally sent Royal Mail First Class, so delivery time is usually 1-2 days from despatch. Airmail orders are sent by small packet (which means we're not allowed to include letters etc inside - but you can always talk to us by e-mail anyway) unless they are very large (>2 kg), in which case we'll find an alternative service. Whichever way we go, the delivery time is roughly 7-14 days from when we despatch your order. For very large orders we may use a courier service. We no longer offer a surface mail service as the savings were very small and not worth the increased delivery times (3-4 weeks !).

Creating Your Order

To order an item, click the Add To Cart button next to the item you wish to purchase. This will take you to the PayPal shopping cart screen (in a separate window) which will show you any other items you have ordered so far. Here you can delete items or change the quantity required (clicking the 'Add to Cart' button multiple times will also change the quantity). To return to our site and continue ordering, click the 'Continue Shopping' button on the PayPal cart screen. If you wish to view your order at any time, click the 'View Cart' button at the top of each catalogue page. When your order is complete, click the 'Checkout' button on the PayPal shopping cart page to proceed with payment.

Prices are displayed in pounds sterling. You can also get an approximate conversion to other currencies by clicking on 'Convert price to another currency'. Note that the exact conversion rates are determined by PayPal so these conversions are a guide only - they may not be the exact price that is charged to your credit card.

Postal Address :

15, Arundel Avenue,
ME10 4RG.

Mail order only - No personal callers please

Pay me securely with your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express card through PayPal!Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

For enquiries, please contact :

To place an order, contact :

You can also contact us directly :

Tony Francis
Phil Richards

Please give us a couple of days to respond, since we sometimes get busy and can't always get back immediately.

Order Process

Once you've placed an order you'll get a standard PayPal receipt - this is the confirmation of your order. We'll only e-mail you again if we have a query or if there is a problem. However, feel free to contact us at any time if you have want to enquire about anything, want to be reassured that your order has arrived or simply for a chat ! We use PayPal's postage system for most orders - so when your order is sent out this it should generate an automated e-mail telling you that the package is on its way (although in our experience this is less than 100% reliable).

Check Your Address !

Please check that the delivery address specified on the order is correct - sometimes customers have moved but not changed the address associated with their PayPal account. We will always to deliver to the address specified on the order form - if this address is incorrect then we cannot be held responsible. Usually the parcel eventually finds its way back to us and we can resend to the correct address - however, we will in these cases ask for additional postage to cover the cost of resending.

Delivery Times

Brigade Models is now a full-time operation, which means that turnaround times on orders is now much faster. In general, orders are shipped out within 3-4 days of receipt, often much quicker (it depends on exactly when you place the order and what our workshop schedule is). If your order is particularly large or contains lots of resin items that may take longer to cast then that could slow things down a little bit - if we think it'll take longer than a week then we will contact you with an estimated despatch date. We can also get very busy during our sales, when we sometimes receive as many orders in a week as we do in a month ! In the case of severe delays we will send partial orders, or at least let you know about the delay. If you really, really need some items in a hurry then contact us before you place your order and we can let you know if we can ship them within your timeframe.

Import Taxes for Overseas Customers

We aren't responsible for any charges you may have to pay in import taxes or customs duty. We suggest you contact your local customs office to establish what charges you may incur if you buy our goods from outside the UK.

Cancellations, Refunds and Returns

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations (formerly Distance Selling Regulations), UK and EU customers may change their minds and cancel and return any order within seven working days of receipt of that order, for any reason, and receive a full refund (including original shipping charges paid). There's an excellent explanation of the CCR on the Which Consumer Rights website.

Customers must return all goods supplied to them at their own expense if they cancel an order. Customers must take good care of goods they receive and return unwanted items in good condition. Customers that do not return unwanted items in good and resaleable condition are liable for the cost of such items.

The DSR are designed to protect customers who are unable to examine our goods before purchase. Please note that under UK law distance selling regulations do not apply if customers have seen and examined figures or models in person at a show and then ordered online at a later date.

We will of course replace items that are damaged in transit, or that are incomplete or faulty. While we always do our utmost to ensure that only good castings and complete models are dispatched, there will inevitably be occasional cases when a miscast item slips through the checking, or where a multi-part kit is missing a piece - if this occurs please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to sort it out as quickly as we can. We may at our discretion require faulty or damaged items to be returned to us for inspection before being replaced - if you can provide a photo of a damaged item then that will speed up the process.

VAT (or sales tax)

Brigade Models is VAT registered (VAT No.864388874). For customers within the EU, the prices shown on the website are inclusive of VAT. If you live outside of the EU, the prices shown have had VAT deducted. The VAT setting is determined when you select your shipping destination. Note that VAT doesn't apply to books so you won't see any reduction on these.

Local and Import Taxes

Depending on where you live and the size of your order, you may be liable for local import taxes or duty. We are not responsible for these, so we suggest you contact your local customs office to establish what charges you may incur if you buy our goods from outside the UK.

If There's a Problem

We are human and we do make mistakes. If there's a problem with your order, either with missing or faulty items, or your order doesn't arrive, please contact us as soon as possible and we'll do all we can to put things right.

Discounts and Offers

We sometimes help out the organisers of show games by giving them discount vouchers to hand out to the participants - these are generally for 10% off one or more of our ranges. Our policy on these is that they are NOT cumulative - ie, if you are given two vouchers for playing a game twice, we'll still only give you a 10% discount - not 20%. Why ? Well otherwise it would be possible for a really keen gamer to collect ten or more vouchers by joining in lots of participation games and we'd then be giving them stuff for free. This policy applies to any discount offer we may run, including the Advance Order offer above - they are NOT cumulative.


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