Aeronef online play, hmmm…

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Aeronef online play, hmmm…

Postby Zophiel » Wed Jun 07, 2006 11:21 pm


One of the other things I'm obsessed with is an online game called The Last Knights. In this game, you work your way up to officer and hire troops along the way. Ostensibly, the period for the game is the early 1700s, but it is far from being a historical simulation. Imagine RISK for about 5,000 players.

Due to my obsession (all of which I'm inclined to do art for) I was made an admin a few months ago and the ability to peek behind the curtain has made me wonder if an online version of Aeronef could be designed. Think of it as a big, playable ad for the rules and models.

I also seem to recall that one of the Brigadiers (I think it was Tony) said he designed applications for a living. I may know a few folks who can provide fantastic and free server(s) to help with the effort.

And that's where I'm going to stop before I torment myself with possible features. :)
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