Outside the box thinking and an offer...

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Outside the box thinking and an offer...

Postby Zophiel » Tue Mar 13, 2007 1:38 am

I'm not sure whether these should be in Sheer Anarchy or Seeing Red (because I'm not certain whether they'll be used as Anarchist vessels or Martian ones), so I'm starting a new topic for them. Last night I discovered and today I've ordered 1 Tipaka class battleship, 1 Kito Kapak class carrier, 6 Tiko class destroyers, and 10 optional turrets packs.


The battleship:

The carrier:

The destroyers:

The optional turrets:

And the offer associated with this is — since I only want the plasma cannons (middle option from the optional turrets) and two rocket launchers — the following are up for trade:

• 20 "Standard" turrets (as seen in the ship pictures)
• 20 Single Barrel Particle Beam turrets (left turret option)
• 18 Rocket Launcher turrets (right turret option)

According to Ninja Magic's price structure, this offer is equivalent to $15.00 US. I'm not particularly picky about an exact match in value. A "bitz box" trade might work nicely. Obviously, I do not know what these spare turrets would look like on a Nef or Dig — but they might make nice land-based installations.
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