Our first game

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Our first game

Postby Ruarigh » Fri May 06, 2011 8:00 pm

We decided to just play with two fighters on each side. I chose my Hornisse Interceptors while Steve chose a pair of Folgore multi-role fighters. My ships carried lots of armour but no shields while his had shields but little armour. I think it would be fair to characterise my fighters as great lumbering brutes, whiles Steve's were lighter, faster, stealthier and better in almost every respect except armour and ability to absorb damage.

We rolled for set-up and it turned out that my lumbering brutes had got the drop on the Eurofeds (Steve rolled a 1 and I rolled a 12). We deployed behind him, trying to get in close enough to tail him, but his fighters, being more agile and faster quickly turned around and were speeding towards us. Each of us tried to get position on the other but it was not going to work so we wound up in a head-to-head pass. As the fighters flew into range, my two ganged up on one of Steve's. There was a brief exchange of fire that stripped Steve's fighter of its shields and then I launched a couple of missiles right at him. He wanted to do the same but unfortunately I had shot his missile racks off that turn with my other fighter. His ECM failed to stop the missiles, but his decoys did take one of them out. Still, that was enough. Twelve critical hits later his pilot had ejected and the fighter was a brief fireball in the firmament. Steve's remaining fighter then came in to try its luck. One shot caused my rookie pilot to lose control of his craft as Steve did some damage to the main structure but the veteran pilot on the rookie's wing then fired a blaze of blasters at the Eurofed machine and blew it to pieces with a reactor hit. Job done, my boys went home to a well-earned cup of tea.

We enjoyed the game. It was nicely crunchy, allowing for a small game that is still engaging. The critical hit system is fun, and the design of the two fighters is sufficiently different to require different tactics, which is great. All in all, we are looking forward to our next game.
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Postby Brigadier Tony » Tue May 10, 2011 10:44 pm

Nice little AAR there, thanks :)

I've tried to make the designs of the fighter types different so that there is no one perfect winning tactic - it seems to have come out in your game.

Anyway, glad you enjoyed it, feedback is always welcome so we can keep improving the game.
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