FWC and my Iron Cow plans

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FWC and my Iron Cow plans

Postby backslide » Sat Aug 18, 2012 11:59 pm

as a change of pace and excuse to lean new painting and modelling techniques, I will be ordering a pair of armies

my local club is having a table/terrain making competition, and I'm thinking a 6mm sci fi table would be a lot of fun, a ruined city, a chemical plant with a small heliport, or shipping facility for what ever they refine.

Rule sets I have Iron Cow, Dirtside, Strike legion, even gruntz

but the too that grab me the most are FWC and much to my surprise Epic 40K

so planning the

British ONESS Armoured Combat Team vs CDSU Guards Tank Combat Team

the CDSU having more emphasis on numbers the Brits on quality and power armour

FWC will use the rules in the book with little modification,

perhaps make the Chinese MBT a bit worse, and fill out both sides with air and some gunships, Brits will get alot more power armour, perhaps use some of it as recon.

Epic 40k,

I can get away with the Chinese being Imperial guard, tanks armoured infantry and plenty of guns, the Brits space marines with lots of Razorbacks, Missile tanks as predators and the like perhaps the Apollo as land raiders but in limited numbers

at some point I would like to add an alien race but as it stands this is for use at my unbuilt table at home, and for the club table comp

will post some pics as I get them
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