House Rules: Still In It!

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House Rules: Still In It!

Postby Echo5Hotel » Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:39 am

So looking through the rules and realizing that they are made to be simple and very playable (One of the reasons I am liking the game so much.) I noticed that the outcome of combat is very final which is fine and definitely makes for some quick skirmishes. I came up with a rule that might add a little more detail to some fights; The "Still In It" Roll.

Basically, when a vehicle's defensive factor is exceeded and it would normally be destroyed, one would take the defensive factor that was penetrated, double the value and attempt to roll a percentile value under that number. If it fails the vehicle is destroyed as normal. If it succeeds however, the vehicle is damaged but still in the fight. The vehicles stats are all reduced by 50% for the rest of the fight or until hit again. A second hit and penetration would destroy the vehicle.


An ONESS Thor MBT is struck from behind by a Kim Chaek VTOL in the 300mm range band. The rear defensive factor of the Thor is an 8 while the penetration factor for the VTOL is at that range is 12 so it penetrates. Now the player with the Thor doubles the defensive factor in question, the rear at a value of 8, doubled is 16. The player rolls percentile and gets an 11% making the roll under 16 and so the Thor is still in the fight but all of it's stats are reduced by 50% (round up)until the end of the fight or the vehicle is destroyed.

The damaged Thor's stats would then be:

130 40/9 30/7 23/6 18/5 8/4 3/3 6-5-4 1

So, still in the fight but hurting.
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Postby Wessex Steve » Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:30 pm

The rules were written along the "you're hit, you're dead" philosophy :D and with my usual 50 AFV's a side games this might be a tricky rule but it would be a good one for smaller size games, say in 15mm...
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Postby Failure16 » Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:23 pm

This seems like a good houserule...though I confess that is a bit more complicated than the average IC game might lend itself to, as Mr. Blease has indicated.

For myself, there were a couple of ways I saw "non-total destruction" played:

A) Targeted-element had to roll a 6+ on 1D10, modified by the (Armor Value-Penetration, resulting in a negative modifier); no further ill-effects, though it could be melded with the next option...

B) Targeted-element survived on a roll of 1 (motive kill--no further movement) or 10 (firepower kill--no further fire) on 1D10

The first tended to slow games down, while the second required some element of record keeping (chits, actually).

Having said all that, I look forward to how you way plays out on the table. Always good to get some real results out into the open for discussion!
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