Allez les Bleus !

Allez les Bleus !

Postby Brigadier Tony » Fri Mar 11, 2011 1:01 pm

Hot on the heels of the Belgians (aren't they always !?) come the next great nation in our Land Ironclads range, the French. Packed full of Gallic charm, wearing berets, carrying a string of onions* and ready to do battle with anyone else that comes close ! There are five ironclad models, two contraptions and a host of packs available to order now.

VLI-401 Detendu Ironclad £3.50
VLI-402 Immuablement Ironclad £2.50
VLI-403 Vengeance Ironclad £1.25
VLI-404 Glorieux Ironclad £1.00
VLI-405 Blockhaus Roulant Ironclad £0.75
VLI-420 Char St Maxim £1.75
VLI-421 Char Mazerey £1.75

VLIP-401 French Light Ironclad Battalion £14.00
VLIP-402 French Medium Ironclad Battalion £22.50
VLIP-403 French Heavy Ironclad Battalion £35.00
VLIP-404 French Contraption Battalion £13.50
VLIP-406 French Infantry Regiment £12.25

*We would like to apologise to all our French customers out there, Tony's just come back from a weekend away in Paris and has got rather carried away by the experience ...

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