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Regio Esercito Italiano for Land Ironclad.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:09 pm
by miciobello73
Hello everybody

This is a great occasion for myself and hope for many of you will be a good one.
Great occasion because is the first time I open a tread on a forum, and with an army really important to me.
It is with joy and pride that I start this tread on Land Ironclad Regio Esercito Italiano or Royal Italian Army:

With the 2013 Aeronef game at Stoke Rockford were I did enjoy the game as much as the company that I got in touch with Land Ironclad, and I take the occasion to great and thanks everybody whom participated.

There I started to develop this idea, also thanks to Tony of Brigade and his fantastic models, of an army in 2mm and I decided to enlarge my pre existing Italian Aeronef to a new level.
So I present to you the " Cremona Division" , yes you heard well this megalomaniac project will see the development of a whole Division. . . . . :mrgreen:

I tried to upload the whole army list but doesn't work, no problem we will go step by step.

I choose the Cremona Division because I served in the Italian army in the 7th Artillery regiment of the Cremona brigade in 1993, so to honour it I choose this division as a starter point.
And now some pictures of the first few units of the Division on the working table.
Sorry the pictures are to big for this forum, I will find another way to show some pictures, for the moment :oops: Sorry....


Re: Regio Esercito Italiano for Land Ironclad.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:16 pm
by miciobello73 ... rmy-in-2mm

Dear all

At the top there is a link , you can copy and paste to get to my other blog in Warseer where I did open a similar tread to spread the madness of Aeronef and Land ironclad further away. . . . And there are lots of my pictures.

8) Silvio