Finally, first game. Questions

Finally, first game. Questions

Postby poi » Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:13 am

Martians vs GB, just ironclads and contraptions.

Nice and simple rules. Fast play.

My opponent and I agreed to ignore the wheeling rules. It makes ironclads in particular far too slow. They are slow enough because of their unreliability without losing even more to manoeuvring.

Morale question. Do ironclads and contraptions count as one unit when working out the break percentage? The book says they count as 5 (2 for contraptions) when destroyed, which makes Martian armies very fragile. In a smallish force, one tripod going down is enough to break them.

Movement questions. Do march and column movement stack? If it does, do you double then add one, or add one then double?
Can ironclads march move?

Ta for such a great little game. Next steps, infantry and the Aeronef.

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Postby indomitable4444 » Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:52 pm

When I first read the section on morale, I too was less than enlightened when I worked out the math for an all ironclad and contraption army. According to the rules, a loss of one or two ironclads in a ironclad and contraption only army would break the morale. Therefore, I suggest the following as a house rule:

When playing with only ironclads and/or contraptions, count each unit lost as only one unit.

As far as movement questions, I have no advice to offer.
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