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Mendeleev question to Tony

PostPosted: Tue Jun 09, 2009 11:29 pm
by Fjodin

While waiting for Tonys amazing Mendeleev contraption, I was tinking thas stats of Vojnaobmens stats (or Samohodka in my unofficial translation - ... .php?t=768 ) is to weak for it. I meen Vojnaobmen stats is more suitable for small armored vehicle, like Vezdekhod. So I was trying to help Tony with my ideas for Mendeleev stats. This is draft version:

Mendeleev Contraption
Type \ con
Def \ 4
Shoot \ 5
Melee \ 2
AA \ 0
Speed \ 4
Cmd \ 3
Pv \ 27 or 27+5=32

Exeptional rule +5 - "no melee penalty, if unit is attacked on either flank or to its rear"

Hull, Speed and cmd are like other Rusian contraptions from Rulebook. Shoot 5 is the main Naval Cannon of mendeleev. Melee of 2 (or maybe 3 is better...) is maxim gun turret. (Also maybe it is good to add 1 AA, because Russians dont have cintraptions AA ability)

Also I have an idea to give it an +5pv ability which removes all penalties for melee for this unit, if it attackek from rear or broadsides. The matter is it have rotated maxim gun turret, so it can be ptcted from infantry from any angles. (At least Russians will get a powerful unit, because their other units are too weak. They have one of tne weakest infantry in LI world... Maybe when Mendeleev and Tsar tankwill be released their army become more powerful)

So what do you think about it?