Austro-Hun Land Ironclads - ORBAT

Austro-Hun Land Ironclads - ORBAT

Postby david frampton » Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:41 pm

I have read "Les Guerres Extraordinaires" and also taken the data cards from the forum as a guide for types. See below for more on this.

Can someone confirm I have got the Order of Battle (ORBAT) right for a Krieglandschiff-Regiment? I think it is:

A Regiment =
3 identical battalions:
Battation comprised of 4 companies - 2 x companies of Contraptions and
2 companies of Land Ironclads. Each Contraption company consists of 4 vehicles. A land ironclad (LI) company consists of one vehicle.

No Light battalions are used by Austro-Hun. From the stats and as Austro-Hun LI took their inspiration (and equipment?) from the Germans, I presume the following:
Geschutztes Landschiff = Loki
Waffen Landschiff = Fuchherz
Landschiff Von Radetsky = Wolfherz
Landschiff Kaiserin Elizabeth = Lowerherz
Landschiffe Kaiser Franz Joseph = Wotan.

So, my questions are:

What type of LI model should be in the LI company? (I have the (early) boxed starter set which includes a 3 car landtrain, 3 x wolfherz, 2 x Loki and 8 each of volker and gretchen contraptions. I guess it dosent matter which contraptions are used and could, I suppose, mix them up for variation, but I am confused as to which LI to be used.


Can I use the land train? Is the damphkriegautomat (steam war automatic), and likewise the Beweglicher Artilleriewagen (heavy artillery wagon) part of the land train?

Do Austro-Hun have armoured infantry?

Any plans to release foot/motorised/ artillery units?

Finally; and as this falls nicely in line with Hun frightfulness......can anyone suggest an ORBAT for a poison gas (giftzufuhr) unit? As the good book says it is a contraption weapon (P.37), is this not a bit small?

Look forward to the discussion!

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Postby david frampton » Tue Jan 12, 2010 7:47 pm

For a comprehensive answer to this question, see the yahoo group "Wargaming Victorian Science Fiction". D
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