Castux has fallen!

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Castux has fallen!

Postby Erik M » Fri Jan 16, 2009 6:53 pm

There has happened a fair bit in the Alfakta campaign. Perhaps not as much as anticipated considering things like manufacturer support and ease of participation.

It starts well for the humans, bridgeheads on two different planets.
Human Erik_M's Space marines defeat Alien GUNNM's Eldar Ulthwe on Wimstone I in Epic Armageddon
Human Karegak's Imperial Guard defeat Chaos Erik_M's Imperial Guard on Bantor IV in Epic Armageddon

Then retribution starts. The machines start a crusade and beat back the humans enough to make bridgehead on Castux. Meanwhile chaos throws them human out of Bantor IV and then follow that success up with a lightning attack on Oakmire and establishing a bridgehead there.
Machine Ruarigh's Syntha defeat Human shorts2's Junkers on Castux in Urban War
Chaos warpmaster's Black Legion defeat Human Markconz's Imperial Guard on Bantor IV in Epic Armageddon
Chaos Erik_M's Imperial Guard defeat Human Karegak's Imperial Guard on Oakmire in Epic Armageddon

The toasters continue eating in on the mainland of Castux while human's wars goes better elsewhere. Establishing a bridgehead on Stidsvik and denying the bugs a new hatching place. Not only throwing chaos out of human space but also getting another bridgehead, on Bantor IV and towards chaos.
Machine Ruarigh's Syntha defeat Human shorts2's Triad on Castux in Urban War
Human noggin's Imperial Guard defeat Devour Markconz's Tyranid on Stidsvik in Epic Armageddon
Human Ruarigh's Imperial defeat Chaos shorts2's Red Redemptionist Rebel on Oakmire in Laserburn
Human Markconz's Imperial Guard defeat Chaos warpmaster's Black Legion on Bantor IV in Epic Armageddon

Even if it's looking good for the hoomies elsewhere it's certainly not good on Castux. Ruarigh and his Syntha is the first to capture a planet. And chaos make a diversiatory attack and land safely on Leverkusen I, despite the ork welcoming committé.
Machine Ruarigh's Syntha defeat Human shorts2's VA3A on Castux in Urban War
Chaos warpmaster's Black Legion defeat Alien Markconz's Orks on Leverkusen I in Epic Armageddon


What has happened behind the scenes is 1) to make the map auto generated from the database and at the same time cleaner and readable and 2) the first step towards a forum for battle reports and community get together's.
Lots o'text above, rather little down here. Feels about right! But still to little above to make a happy camper.

"And how was it I could be in on the fun again?"
Easy as pie. Sign up and start adding your battles in the various Sci-Fi games you play.
Register at
Report battles at
Write battle reports at
And see the campaign unravel at
The campaign is updated each Sunday night and there's quite some prizes to win too. Our sponsors bud into the fun with no less than £25 two times each. That's a grand sum of £250(!) to battle it out over! How can you not participate?

How are prizes won then?
First run of prizes are for those winning the second new planet for a faction. The next run comes further into the campaign.
The only actual rule is that you may not play the same set-up twice in 24 hours.
Apart from that it's a gentlemen's agreement to keep true to the spirit of gaming with others.

Further questions can be sent to INFO at the address of the Alfakta campaign.
Ah yes, I shall perhaps add that this is a purely non-profit endeavour by me. You're the ones getting prizes. I might get the honour of organizing, you're the ones that might get new models and rule out of this.

Welcome to join the fun!

Erik Malmcrona

PS I posted about this in the Iron Cow section first. But as you can just as well battleit out in StarmadaX or Iron Stars as in Iron Cows it perhaps better placed here?
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