gosh, a newbie?

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gosh, a newbie?

Postby Estarriol » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:32 pm

Well, not really. I played Void waaaay back in the mists of time and the game shop I worked in stocked some Celtos figures (of which I have a couple) but I never motivated myself to buying the rulebook.

Until now. And I'm kicking myself for taking so long, it's a beautiful system, and a stunning rulebook, and I just can't see why it doesn't seem to get talked about much.

Unfortunately, for reasons of space and money I can't buy yet another 28mm game for a little while, but I have ordered some 15mm celts, and when I've those painted I'll lay in a few undead or orcs and see if I can't raise some interest amongst the local gamers before making the leap into your beautiful mini range.

Anyway, if anyone still reads these forae and wants to help scratch up some army lists i'd be very grateful, and if any of you live in devon do let me know!

Also, any word on the updated rules, or is that shelved indefinately?
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Postby Brigadier Tony » Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:17 am

Welcome aboard :)

Any word on the updated rules, or is that shelved indefinately?

No, we have started work again - we have a playtest scheduled in a week or so for a completely new incarnation of the rules. But we have an unfortunate track record of not delivering anything on Celtos, so I'd rather not say too much more until we have something a bit more concrete ...
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