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Celtos & SAGA

Postby Lost Egg » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:49 am

I was cruising the Lead Adventure Forum the other day and spotted a SAGA warband someone had created using Celtos minis and it got me thinking...why doesn't Celtos hitch its cart to SAGA, a well established and popular set of rules. There are two possible ways I can see of doing this...

First, what about Brigade offer SAGA compatible warbands for sale for each of the Celtos races...if you contacted Studio Tomahawk now you might even be able to get some mini photos in the rulebook. This would likely lead to further sales and raise awareness of the Celtos line as many gamers are either unaware of it or believe it is OOP. This could just be a way to increase sales and brand awareness while the actual Celtos rules are being developed.

Second, what about more permanently hitching Celtos to the SAGA rules or leaving them open to be used with other generic fantasy rules sets, such as Osprey Games' Dragon Rampant. Brigade could always compile a setting book for the world of Celtos, with suggestions for designing games & campaigns and offer it for sale and / or download. This would remove the strain of designing your own ruleset and allow you to focus on producing minis.

In both instances Brigade would benefit from an existing, popular ruleset which already has a wide following within the gaming community.
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